Cosy crochet

Choose the colours you like
for the texture you want to create

See the pattern appear
as your crochet hook works its magic
to create ocean waves ...

and suddenly
you have a  flower

which unravels

into a scarf.

Make some wrist-warmers to match

Add a flower

Make another scarf 
with a different yarn
and another stitch.

and you're all set for winter

Come wind or snow!

It is normal courtesy to show you where I got my patterns and inspiration!

Pattern links:
Scarves: Fiber Flux
Wrist-warmers: Pink Milk Jewels

Seeking simplicity

The more I move forward,
the more I seek simplicity

and notice tiny details

soft meandering lines

gentle waves

New openings...
 with soft curves and muted harmonious tones.

I have always been attracted to the harmony in nature which allows me
to distance myself from the disharmony
 sometimes prevalent in the life of human beings.

Distancing my-self
from chaos
and reconnecting
with flow.

Reflections and the Art of Seeing

Have you ever noticed that when we take the time
to look at things in the opposite way we normally do,
we are transported into another dimension?

Instead of looking out of my window at urban concrete 
I can go outside in my own neighbourhood
and take in new horizons.

I can create my own picture gallery 
by taking in all the window reflections I can see

Just a few minutes from my apartment
is a wonderful art gallery
with paintings of the season
just for me
and for anyone else who wants to see!

Breathe it all in
See how the light changes
Notice the slight movements the breeze is making.

Reflections are everywhere
and all we need
is to practice
the art of seeing!

Instead of looking at our views from inside out
we can look at them from outside in
and see a completely different world before us!

Thanks to reflections
and changing our point of view!


Let go of labels
let go of the analytical mind!
What do you feel when you look?

Trying to work out 
what something is
limits our perceptions.

Abstract quality.
When our eyes think they recognize what they are looking at.
Leave it be!
Let yourself be carried into a whole new world
away from concrete realities.

Enter into a deeper level and pull back from wanting to call something by a name.
Just go with the flow of the shapes and the colour
and immerse yourself into the subtlety
of what you feel.

Zooming in helps us
to look at just a part of the whole
and to discover that it exists in its own right.

Shapes take on a new feeling
See what you want to see
Feel what you want to feel
without preconception...

When I look at these images
I see beauty
I feel emotion
It is not necessary to know or guess what something is
to be able to feel its essence.
When I pull away
from wanting to know
A knowing is born in me.

Word meaning:
from the latin word: 'abstrare'
meaning: to draw away.
The art of withdrawing or removing something from a source.