Dancing in the Light

When the golden morning light

comes to play and dance at my windows

Everything comes alive

Wherever I am

the light is there to greet me.

Open the windows, let in the joy

and let the breeze lead you to dance in the light!


A little bit of soap bubbles' magic

Even more fun when the surrounding landscape is reflected

Summer pleasures

I got caught!

Seeing Beyond Seeing


the labels

and the reflections

lies something deeper

than thoughts

something more wonderful
 when we exclude what we think we see

and look beyond
to really see beyond seeing.

Creative Moments in August

My latest crochet creation: a star tablecloth in cotton.

Trying out different colours
Fresh blues and white.

A plain white crocheted cloth will look good on any colour
and a star mat in my favourite blues.

Lots of stars for various uses
Here is where I found them - in the lovely book below.
 Click on the images to enlarge them:

I love bright colours outside. Don't you?
This summer I made a new bunting.

Hanging  the triangle bunting outside.

If you like these two patterns, you can find out details

Do you like creating things with your hands?


Water abstracts

When reflections create 

colours and abstract shapes

my eyes see only them

as they dance

and ripple

and create magic...

What do your eyes see today?