Aqua Reflections

The yellow rope

Soft tones of turquoise

Floating islands and lakes

A hint of pink
 more like a painting
 than water.

Red and orange seep into blue

creating intensity

Blue ink doodles


Flying flag reflections

This feels like summer

and this is spring

My favourite pond
Reflecting trees and blue sky
A sigh, contentment.

A simple muted puddle reflection can transform my mood
and heighten all my senses.

Gazing at water and the changing reflections
is one of life's deep-felt pleasures

I love that emotions and water are so intricately connected with one another.
Do you feel the connection too?

Peonies in the Month of May

The secrets hidden in the peony bud

come to light when petal after petal unfolds

such wondrous beauty to behold

a chorus of petals

that rise like flickering flames.

A crown of stamens reveal the inner treasure

A creamy white flower with hints of tender green

and petals tinged with the palest of pinks

I am without words

at so much intricate beauty

which flows as if captured by an invisible stream.

Burgudy red wakes us up with a pop of colour

and when the petals are ready to fall
the centre holds our fascination still...

as we admire a single fallen petal and a stamen
where they landed on my table.

Lavaux Vineyards

The two children walked along the wall above the vineyards
Younger brother went first and big sister in the rear
just to make sure his balance was right.
Through them, I lived that moment so completely:
Unforgettable childhood memories.

A wonderful walk through the vineyards
on a perfect day in May

Walking above villages and small towns
surrounded by the vines and their fresh new leaves
overlooking the incomparable beauty of the Lake Léman

Just look at those cut-out leaves in soft tones of brown and green.
See the little bunches where the grapes will form.

Steep roads leading down to the lake area

A well-known village called St. Saphorin on the edge of the lake.

The best walk of the year so far!

A perfect day for sailing boats with just the right amount of breeze

Like little toy boats gliding across the blue ripples of the water.

Beautiful tiled roofs against the blue of the lake

One last look at the end of the lake with two strips of  reflected
white sheen from the snow still on the mountain peaks.

As we get down into the village, there are beautiful decorated signs.
This one is for a restaurant called:
L'Auberge de l'Onde

This one tells us that there is wine tasting in the local wine cellar

A golden heart
How better to end this series of vineyards in this lovely area
not too far at all from where I live.

Blue and Yellow make Green

Dreamy layers of blue
in which I could lose myself

A strong breeze had created patterns on the lake
alternating ripples and smoother areas of lighter, shiny blue.

Each yellow Japonica flower radiates sunshine and spring energy

And when we mix blue and yellow
we get those varied shades of green.
Dancing catkins in the wind challenging me to catch a sharp image!

For a real spring mood
take a light blue sky
add a few fluffy wind-blown clouds
and an overhanging bough of fresh young leaves

New leaves unfurling in the warmth of the bright sunshine
against a backdrop of mottled blues and greens

A touch of white flowers whose name eludes me as I write

and a chestnut tree whose generous leaves provide such welcome shade
in the hottest months to come

I couldn't resist this touch of pink
of cherry blossom so sweet
it goes so well with green, don't you think?

It's impossible to have a favourite colour in spring
for as each one appears
it is my favourite in the very moment I see it!

on this first day of May
Let us enjoy
what Nature brings us!