Summer Memories

Sharing a photo shoot is always fun!

Breakfast in the park

A little exercise

Home-grown forest strawberries
or should we say balcony-grown?

A boat cruise

Graceful water statues

Water contemplation

Our hands outstretched in fond connection

A mosaic of summer memories for my grandson and for me.


Small Campanula
Stretch their faces to the sky
Pink, lilac, purple

delicate petals

and all the different shades

mingle together

creating dreamy hues
in which to drown my eyes.

Ephemeral Moonflower

With swirling tendrils

Bathed in the soft fading light

A new beginning

A floral chalice opening

to receive the early morning light

As the day wears on

transformation takes place

with grace and harmony

The last page is turned as the story of the ephemeral Moonflower
is told.