Up the hill with tulips

The art of petals

The marvellous union of pink and green

Mysterious openings

Watercolour tones appear through my lens

A softer focus on my day

A vase of loveliness

and a single bloom against the light.

The turnaround

Rainy Saturday
Trudging up the hill from the shops
The shopping caddie is heavy
 the other two bags are slipping from my grip
The umbrella is wobbling dangerously...
What a life!
I start to laugh at the situation
and this creates a turnaround in my way of seeing things!
With each new step,
I can see things in a completely different light

How lucky I am!
My shoes don't leak
I have the shops within walking distance
I have a shopping caddie with wheels
An umbrella to protect me from the heavy rain
I have a bunch of pink tulips in my bag.
when I was chatting with an old friend over the phone later that day,
she reminded me that I had feet!

The Presence of Colour




Follow the path before you

with simplicity.

As I bring my full attention to colour and form and flow
I enter and connect with these things on a vibrational level.

Have you ever noticed how different colours touch you differently?
These golden tones swirl around me like liquid sunshine
and the soft greens speak to me of new openings
and fresh beginnings
of moving forward in my life
in all that is important.

Life is like an abstract

It seems to me
that life is like an abstract
and we take out the parts that are superfluous
and concentrate on those we really want to see.

We encounter crossroads
and there are choices to be made

There are ups and downs and many learning curves

The sunlight filters in
bathing all in a joyful light
and we stop
to notice the beauty and the simplicity

pulling back a little
to see the bigger picture
and to notice how everything is so intricately connected.

Ever since I was a child,
I've been forever fascinated by the play of light and shadows
on the curtains against my windows.
Light and shade
One cannot exist without the other.
Add a little breeze from the open window
and just be still
to contemplate the ever-changing wonder before you.