Day 23 - Entrance

The entrance to the houses or buildings where we live is important.
Although I live in a building bordering the town centre,
I appreciate the fact that there is greenery and some flowering bushes 
along the path leading up the the entrance.

There's something welcoming about big hydrangea blooms
that line the path where I live.
The greenery nearby and the trees that are planted
are compensation for living in a built-up area.
I have all the advantages of  shops nearby and great public transport
but can still enjoy a little of nature where I am.

To get out into the real countryside, I need to take some form of public transport
like a bus, the metro or the train.
All of them are very easy to reach from where I live.


  1. Those hydrangea blooms are beautiful and so big. A city without landscaping would be a shame. I love how there are areas throughout urban streets where people have had the forward thinking to plant and mix nature with the city :) It is still a trade off from country living, but it doesn't have to be all concrete and steel. Enjoy your pretty path :)

    1. Thanks, Connie! Urban living isn't my first choice as I've always lived in the country, but I needed to be here to work and now I've retired I still seem to be here for practical reasons! As you say, it is so fortunate that cities have green zones and parks and that trees line many of the streets and flowers and beautiful bushes are planted.

  2. Entrances and thresholds can be so inviting and meaningful. Yours is lovely.

    1. Thank you, Tammie. Yes, I agree. There is a need to feel welcomed!

  3. You have a beautiful entryway to your home. One thing that pleases me about our town, is that we're still small enough and the law requires that trees or shrubs be planted around buildings. I was in a neighboring town recently and they have crepe myrtles planted on almost every roadway and around the town center. The crepe myrtle is the city's flower. It's really a beautiful time of the year.

    1. I agree, Cathy. It's lovely that even buildings have their share of greenery around them and flowering bushes too. I must look up the plant you call 'crepe myrtle' which I don't know.