Snowy encounter

In October?

It all happened last weekend on Saturday afternoon.
Very tiny swirling snowflakes filled the sky
looking very innocent
as if they didn't mean to settle at all!
But settle they did... just look at my surprised Chinese Lantern!

The beautiful blooming autumn flowers
take on a new form of beauty,
but they have been reminded of the cycle of the seasons
and all is as it should be...

A fallen leaf becomes a receptacle for snow crystals
and manages to look as if this was its only role in life
and harmony pervades.

On Monday, the sun returned, the leaves took on a golden glow once again
and the snow put on its prettiest face
pretending it was all a joke!

The melting snow allowed the tiles on the roofs
to regain their cloak of moss and leaves.

Thank you, thank you,
 murmured the flowers from my balcony...
There were so many of them blooming still when those first snowflakes started falling.
I rushed out to pick them all and put them in vases everywhere.
Their pink blooms still embellish my home
and remind me that summer will return again!


  1. Snow falls so early this year in your country, but for your pictures it's really a nice effect Sandra.....i like these pictures.

    Warm greetings, Joop

    This afternoon we drink a cup of tea and take some lovely chocolates.....hmmm.

  2. Please put me out of my misery Sandra and tell me where exactly in the world you are that has snow in October.

  3. Oh, these are magical -- the crystal beauty of the first snow, combined with autumn's leaves and flowers! I adore the Chinese lantern image! I just want to dip my fingers into that powdery snow. How lovely to have your home filled with vases of flowers.

  4. What pretty snowy pictures! I love how the colors really pop against the white snow! The picture of the Chinese Lantern is my favorite; the shape is so elegant and the color is gorgeous!
    Kate :}

  5. Come snow or shine, you are out there with your camera capturing such beauty. Your photos never fail to lift my heart, Sandra. I find Chinese Lantern plants especially enchanting so it was lovely to see your beautiful photo of one. But all of these are gorgeous and I'm glad you shared them with us.

  6. Sandra, your images make the ordinary seem extraordinary, and the extraordinary wondrous indeed.
    Such a gift.

  7. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. The first one is my absolute favorite!

  8. Awww... snow in October!...
    cool shots...

    xoxo, Juliana | PJ’ Happies :) | PJ’ Ecoproject

  9. A beautiful series, Sandra. I love the way the snow looks on the Chinese Lantern.
    I am guessing it won't be long before it snows here also.
    It is getting quite cold.

  10. Even this early in the season isn't there something so magical about the first snowfall, or as frequently happens here in the UK the only snow. I love snow, I really do and cold happily live where it is on the ground all winter.

    I'm glad you could rescue those pretty flowers :D

  11. Oh wow! Beautiful photographs Sandra, a mercy dash hey? lol
    Do you have a complicated camera? Have to tell me all about it.
    Hugs x

  12. Lovely set of images. I love the light falling on the snow in the first shot and that pretty chinese lantern surprised by the snow. Such pretty flowers you saved from your balcony too. Happy Friday. :)

  13. I love all the photos, but as with many of the previous commenters the Chinese lantern most captures my fancy.

    Such a bright and beautiful post! And what lovely roof tiles.

  14. Beautifully captured in words and in photographs, Sandra! November is here :)

  15. I'm sure you were glad to be able to retrieve those gorgeous pink blooms to display in your home. A beautiful post, Sandra!

  16. Oh Sandra! Snow in October, and flowers still blooming! Such a contrast, but all in such beauty! Lovely photos showing the details, each one is a favorite! Your snow pictures are always perfect!! Have a lovely week!

  17. Snow already, but a beautiful post Sandra !

  18. Lovely images! I love the beauty you captured of both seasons! I can't imagine snow so early!! I'm still in short sleeves!!