Toronto City

This is my first view of the Toronto City as I crossed the water
in the ferry from the Toronto Airport.
What do you think?
I stayed in the second tall building from the left
on the last but one floor!
In the lifts, it says: Floor 55...

Once in the high building,
I gingerly shuffled my way across the balcony
not quite to the edge!
"Don't look down"! My son called out to me.
I did, but not on that first day!

Late afternoon was a good time of the day
for power-walks or strolls.
This one took us down to the lake away from the sky-scrapers
and alongside a park with trees and grass.
So many people were running or cycling - 
all of them going as if their life depended on it!
This is life in the fast lane... watch out strollers, you're in the way
and going too slowly for our city speed!

The sky darkens and the glorious sunset bathes the buildings in a golden light!
This is the view from the apartment.
You can see the C.N. Tower, famous landmark which stands high above
all the other buildings.
You don't need a map in Toronto, you just need to look up and see where the tower is.
Of course, it helps if you're living nearby, like I was!

I couldn't get enough of those sunsets
and the way they lit up the windows in the buildings.

At such moments, you can hear the heartbeat of the city.

One evening, we went out with our cameras and tripods and practised
night photography.
We stood on a little bridge and waited for the traffic lights
to turn green!

On the way home, I noticed some interesting reflections.
That tower always seems to be in the picture!

See what I mean?
The big dome shape below the tower is the
Rogers Centre, the city's sport stadium. The roof is retractable and motorized.
 Among other sports,
Baseball, Canadian football and Basket Ball are played here.
The centre is also used for concerts and other manifestations.

This is the top part of the C.N. Tower which houses a revolving restaurant.
There is a very rapid lift in the stem of the tower which takes you to the top.

Ending up with a peaceful late afternoon shot taken from above.


  1. Great photos. My favourite are the first one and the top of the CN Tower.

  2. Wow. These photos are jaw-dropping. Literally. So great!! Love the first skyline picture... the night photo with the lights is amazing... the building reflection photo has so many beautiful squares and lines!! What an amazing city, thanks for sharing!!

  3. Lovely sky line Sandra

    i like these wonderul pictures with that lovely light and colors,
    must be a great city.

    Thanks for this good post.

    Greetings and a nice day, Joop

  4. Thanks for taking us on a tour of Toronto -- it looks like such a clean and vibrant city. I love the way you captured the reflections in the windows. That tower shot is wonderful! My fave has to be the first image -- the composition and colors are great!

  5. What gorgeous views you had, Sandra!
    I just love the reflections on the buildings, and the colors are just beautiful.

  6. Such a lovely collection of memories from your Toronto trip! The sunsets really made some lovely sights on the building windows! The tower is quite similar to the one in Seattle, Washington, and is beautifully captured by you on your 9th photo! The night photography looks like it was a fun outing. Don't you love reliving the sights again? Have a wonderful week/end!

  7. is really a wonderful city!
    well done. I thank you because This is the only opportunity I have to see it trough your eyes. Love

  8. Lovely shots - Toronto looks like a very calm and tranquil city. Love the gorgeous pink light reflected on the buildings.

  9. Beautiful shots of a beautiful city! Even though I love the golden colors of the sunset images, my favorite is the first. I love the blue sky reflected in all the buildings!!

  10. Hi Sandra...Wonderful pictures of Canada, bet you really didn't want to come home, fabulous holiday memories.
    Hope the cushion is going well.

  11. Hi Sandra, many thanks for the trip to Toronto. I had a nice travel with you! The light reflections where amazing. We have a famous swede, Börje Salming, who played for Maple Leefs for many years!

  12. Hi Sandra,
    thanks for bringing me back in time, for 6 years ago my brother lived in Toronto and then I whas lucky enough to visit him, its such a great city to visit and you showed it all with your great photo serie, thanks for these sweet memories

  13. Toronto sure does look like a beautiful city. You certainly were quite high up in that building but what a stunning view you got.
    Your pictures are all amazing.

  14. Wow it's gorgeous! I've never been to Canada -thanks for taking us there with your camera! lovely photos
    Mary x

  15. Gorgeous photos! I love your nightscape - I've never accomplished that shot. And those sunsets are stunning! The whole city sparkles, like a dream...

  16. That really is the most wonderful skyline :) And you have some fabulous shots here Sandra :D

  17. Wow! what a great view you had from your room. Looks like a very interesting place to visit.

  18. It all looks so clean and bright. You had some lovely clear weather I can see! I've never visited Toronto but this makes me want to go. Enjoy your trip (if you're still there). :)

    P.S. I don't think cyclists and pedestrians should share the same path, unless the cycling is very slow and sedate. As a cyclist, I'd rather ride in the road - and I'm sure the pedestrians would rather have the walkway to themselves! :)

  19. P.S. WHAT a fantastic header photo!

  20. Thanks for popping by my blog and leaving a lovely comment :) Love your beautiful shots, gorgeous!

    S x

  21. hello Sandra,

    it looks like and sounds like you had a wonderful time there. how fun that you shot night photos together. so fun also that you peaked over the edge from you very high up room! I am so glad that you got to see so many wonderful sights.

  22. Hi Sandra

    It all looks wonderful
    a city I would love to visit.
    My husband was there with work 3 years ago
    he loved it and promised to take me there....
    still waiting......

    Wishing you a great week

    Fiona x

  23. Sandra, these are such beautiful city shots. I love the boats in the harbor, and the city over the water, and all the beautiful sunset reflections in the windows. And your night shot of the taillights--how fun!

  24. Hi Sandra,
    Toronto looks like a beautiful city and you certainly took advantage of the best of it. I especially like all the sunset colors reflected in the glass of the city! Also, the geometric designs that you found and emphasized. Wonderful and what fun to have enjoyed it with your son. I bet you hated to leave.
    Sorry to hear you had snow already! EEECCCKKK. Don't send any my way.
    Hope your week is super :)

  25. Hi Sandra!
    You have had a wonderful trip I'm only a little jealous:)
    Have a nice day

  26. Hi, Sandra, Those are wonderful pictures of Toronto! I live in Waterloo, just 100km west of Toronto, and always love an opportunity or excuse to go into the city. Both my kids and their families live there now, so I'm in about a week. I hope you had a chance to get out of the downtown core and visit some of the interesting neighbourhoods. Toronto is known as The City of Neighbourhoods and is the most culturally diverse city in the world. Lots of photo opportunities everywhere you look. Next time you are in Toronto to visit your son, we'll get together for lunch and a photo-walk! Mary Lynn (PBD1)