Niagara Falls

The American Falls
The Canadian flag can be seen flying on the Canadian side.
It's just about impossible to stay in Toronto without going to Niagara Falls!
So along with many other tourists, we visited these impressive waterfalls.
It's an amazing sight indeed.

I've zoomed out here so that the Canadian Horseshoe Falls are also in the picture.
You can see the boats on the Niagara River that take people to see
the falls close up.

The water really is that deep turquoise colour

Aren't those rocks impressive?
Boat tours start off at the calm part of Niagara River near Rainbow Bridge.
The boat trips last 30 minutes and go right along the American Falls
and into the dense mist of spray inside the curve of the
Canadian Horseshoe Falls.

The boats are appropriately called: "Maid of the Mist" and each one 
has a Roman numeral after the name.
The first Maid of the Mist was launched in 1846
as a ferry service between the Canadian and American sides.
We didn't go on a boat, but maybe next time!

Look at that mist rising into the air from Horseshoe Falls.
Two boats are about to cross paths, going in opposite directions.

Rainbows are very common over the falls. Here is the beginning of one
on the American Falls.

Here is another one over Horseshoe Falls.

Horseshoe Falls seen as closely as this are impressive and just a little scary.
The force of the water is incredible and the colour amazing.
The noise is rather loud too!

I was pleased to get this angle shot.
It's difficult to get the whole rounded shape of these falls into one shot
and this is because of the thick mist which hides it from view.
I think a helicopter might show the shape better.

To finish this series, here is a late afternoon capture with the sun
bathing everything in a pink hue.
What a visit!


  1. What an amazing place! I think I went when I was little, but I don't remember it at all... Some day I will have to go back! Your pictures are just fantastic. Love the rainbows, and the shot of the curved falls!

  2. Your pictures are incredible, Sandra. Beautiful captures. I especially love the last one with the added pink hues of the sunset but they are all gorgeous. Happy weekend. :)

  3. Twoje zdjęcia niesamowitego wodospadu są wspaniałe. Można nawet szum wody sobie wyobrazić. Pozdrawiam.
    Your photos are wonderful amazing waterfall. You can even imagine the sound of water. Yours.

  4. What an amazing place! I've never been to the Niagara Falls but from your photos I can practically hear the roar of the water and feel the spray against my skin. Lovely rainbow too.

  5. Wow! real wonder of nature!

    Have a great day!
    xoxo, Juliana

  6. Wow, das sind ganz fantastische Fotografien!

    Liebe Grüsse Dir


  7. Fantastic place and you have great pictures Sandra.

    wish you a lovely weekend.

    greetings, Joop

  8. What an awe inspiring place. Your photos are amazing as always! xx

  9. Hi Sandra

    Sorry that I have visited in so long
    but life has been hectic and I can't seem to
    catch up.

    Your photos are absoutely fantastic
    I love them all
    they are really powerful and strong
    yet soft and beautiful at the same time

    Well done you on capturing such wonderful images

    Have a lovely weekend

    xx Fiona

  10. Oh my these are wonderful shots Sandra. Niagara Falls is (another) one of those places I want to visit :)) It must be wonderful to see them in real life. I can just about imagine the roar of the water just looking at your pictures. Thanks so much for sharing :))

  11. Oh Sandra, you take me back to see the Falls after so many years. We visited the Canadian side and stood next to the loud noisy water falling on the curved area, wearing rain covers, and still got wet! What awesome photos you've taken and that water colors is fabulous. I had only a film camera of course when we were there, but would so love to have digital pictures of it all. My favorite is the next to last one - so beautiful. I've enjoyed seeing your wonderful visit through your lens! Have a lovely weekend!

  12. My daughter recently visited these but the day was misty and grey. It's nice to see some of the amazing colours produced by the water and I'm stunned by all of those rocks at the base of that waterfall too.

  13. Sandra, these are stunning. I have a niece in Buffalo, and when I visited her last fall we were hoping to go to the Canadian side to see the Falls. (We all caught a virus instead - no Falls for us on that visit.) Thanks for so many beautiful shots!

  14. amazing view !
    Greetings from Poland

  15. this is fantastic! we are going there in November, did you book through your hotel or before you left? I love your pictures

  16. What a visit to your post!
    You are some photographer.
    I went through our old photographs of the place and they are not a patch on yours.
    Fabulous. Thank you for showing these in such a generous fashion. They look terrific on my large screen.

  17. such gorgeous photographs of these beautiful falls! I love the rainbow and moon image. the color of the water and amount of water is stunning. thank you!

  18. I've never had the chance to visit these falls but, your photos certainly make me want to. Wonderful job capturing the grandeur, color, and power of the place!

  19. I remember my first ride on Maid of the Mist.
    It was wonderful.
    These are great photographs, Sandra!

  20. Wow, this's an unbelievable series about fantastic waterfall.
    I've never seen it maybe sometime later...
    Good work and thanks for sharing!
    Greetings, Miklos

  21. Wow these are beautiful! Hope you enjoyed your trip. My Dad drove us to Niagra falls in 1969 and believe it or not...Niagra Falls was closed! The Niagra falls was diverted and closed off for repairs! It was actually something to see the riverbed above the falls full of dump truck, loaders and bulldozers working away. Have a lovely weekend!

  22. Stunning. I have never been there but after seeing your beautiful photos a trip to Niagara falls is now put down on my wish list for places to visit. Amazing!

  23. Sandra, these are breathtaking! I loved taking this trip through your eyes and camera. You photos of the falls, with the rainbows, and the misty air, simply blew me away.
    We had company on and off while you were traveling, so I'm doing a little catching up.