Autumn interlude

In-between the misty October days 
there are gloriously sunny moments when all the autumn colours
come alive and glow

The tiny asters bring a welcome touch of vibrant purple
matching their centres to the burnished orange of the colours around them.

The first beech leaves to change colour stand out against
the other still-green leaves on the tree

Grapes ripen ready for harvesting with promises of juicy sweetness
or silky wine yet to be produced.

Tiny red berries create colourful droplets after the rain

and bright orange leaves burn with an inner light thanks to the angle 
of the rays of the sun.
The shadows and lighting change and each leaf reflects the shadow
of the leaf opposite.

This little plump robin stayed around just long enough 
for me to go click with my camera!

A charming garden shed takes on the warm colours of autumn
in the late afternoon sun.
Winter is coming
but for now
all is bathed in a golden light
and here we are!


  1. Pictures with wonderful autumn colors, it's so lovely too see this work..... compliments Sandra.

    i love she shot off the Red Berries and Grapes very much.

    Greetings and a nice monday, Joop

  2. I love autumm colors, it´s a precious palette.

  3. Absolutely stunning and lovely!

  4. Wow, fantastische Herbstimpressionen!

    Liebe Grüsse Dir


  5. Great Autumnal photos.

  6. Beautiful!! That bird shot is awesome, and I just loved the oranges, especially near the purples!!
    Kate :}

  7. Beautiful, vibrant colours. Love the sunlight behind the orange leaves, it really sums up the best of autumn for me.

  8. Wonderful autumn images -- the colors are so beautiful, Sandra! The gorgeous purple asters contrast so nicely with the bright orange leaves. My goodness, robins grow very plump in Switzerland! I love your new header!

  9. These are wonderful images Sandra - I love all of these beautiful warm colours. I really love the shot of the orange leaves with the sun blasting from behind. Autumn is a wonderful time of year isn't it?

  10. Totally beautiful photos!
    thanks for sharing autumn mood!)))

    Have a great Day!
    xoxo, Juliana

  11. What absolutely glorious autumn colours. Such riches your camera has allowed you to share :D

  12. What a pleasure to see your autumn colors, the special leaves of the Beech tree, and those grapes and asters are just glorious with their purple coats in contrast to the greens and oranges!! A lovely little walk through your space - wonderful photos Sandra! Have a lovely week, and hope your sunshine is plentiful this week.

  13. i enjoy this post, very much
    wonderful to take a walk with you
    to enjoy autumn with you
    to take to heart each of your beautiful images!

  14. I've been away from the computer for a few days and I've missed your delightful blog! You have an amazing gift for words and beautiful photography!! I love those golden leaves, stunning light!

  15. Hi Sandra,
    You've collected autumn in a most striking manner ~ the light, color, and variety of shapes, all lovely! My favorites are the two images of the bright orange leaves with the sunlight and cast shadows.
    Have a colorful week :)

  16. Oh my goodness, what a gorgeous series of photographs this is.
    It looks like you are having a beautiful autumn.

  17. Love your colourfull autumn creations !

  18. Your photos are absolute perfection! I love the droplets on the currents - really masterfully done :)

  19. Oh Sandra, what a beautiful series. So perfectly October-ish! I love the red berries with the water drops!

  20. Hi Sandra! You photo's are beautiful as always! I can almost smell those grapes! How lovely! ♥

  21. What joyful photos capturing all the beauty of Autumn in its different hues and shapes. You are so alive to this season's wonders, thanks for sharing them with us.

  22. Such a feast of words and colors, Sandra. Beautiful!