Photo-Heart Connection: October

Coming back home through the streets from a walk in my neighbourhood,
looking around me with pleasure and awareness,
this ordinary moment suddenly became extraordinary!

What happened?
Will Nature never cease to surprise me?
I came to a standstill with a quick intake of breath
as I bathed in this wonderful reflection of autumn's glory
in a shiny dark blue surface!
The sky and the trees had come down to meet me
lest I forget to look up
and bathe myself in their presence.

Nature, the artist, 
uses her paintbrush to bring us into the moment
where everything else falls away
and there remains just simplicity
and beauty.

Joining in the monthly meeting with others as we reconnect


  1. Die Natur ist Leben, kein Leben ohne Natur...

    Ein feines Foto liebe Sandra...



  2. Thats a very nice and special nature shot Sandra,
    you have captured it very well.

    Wish you a lovely sunday.

    Warm greetings, Joop

  3. Fab. I noticed the reflected leaves on my husband's car but my efforts at capturing it didn't work out as well as yours did.

  4. What an extraordinary picture - and you caught it.

  5. Beautiful photo Sandra
    the colours are magnificent.

    Have a great week

    x Fiona

  6. The colors are amazing, I love it when Nature makes us sit up and take notice.

  7. Hi Sandra, I stoppped by earlier but before I could comment the phone rang. Your photographs are amazing. They are always filled with beautiful colors which are then matched by your lyrical use of words. I always feel that I have visited somewhere very special when I come to your blog.

    I love the pictures of the snow in October. I'm not sure I want snow that early but it is always nice to enjoy it when it is somewhere else.

  8. Hi Sandra, I don't think I have ever seen such a perfect reflection in a car before. It is indeed lovely!!
    Mother Nature is wonderful isn't she? :))

  9. absolutely gorgeous Sandra!n
    you really captured the magic in a magical way. whoa!

  10. So nicely seen and captured Sandra!
    Love the wonderful colors.

  11. The most beautiful reflection I have ever seen!! And you captured it - perfectly! Your words are so descriptive, definitely coming from deep within! Lovely!!

  12. What a great photo opportunity. Stunning.

  13. Hi Sandra,
    That's a stunning reflection you found. I love the way you describe the way it jumped out at you when you were looking down.

  14. You express the wonder and delight of discovery so well, Sandra! Gorgeous capture! We all need to be open to seeing the beauty all around us.

  15. I am struck by your words, "The sky and the trees had come down to meet me
    lest I forget to look up." Wow! They had. That's a perfect description of that image. So beautiful. Extraordinary in the ordinary, for sure. Thank you for sharing your wonderful moment in the Photo-Heart Connection this month!

  16. Wow what a great find!! Definitely says "Reflections and Nature" in more than one way!!!
    Kate :}

  17. You're a poet too!...fabulous photograph and wonderful word, I'm impressed
    Absolutely stunning Sandra xx

  18. Hi Sandra,
    Amazing color!!!!! Definitely seeing beyond the obvious! I think you take the prize on that one :) Yep, not much on the blogging front. Studio deadlines have been calling. I wrote you yesterday and the note was rejected. New email address, or a computer hiccup? Tell me what you think.
    Hope your week is wonderful!

  19. Extraordinary capture. I love the juxtaposition of the green and blue colours. You framed it beautifully too. And on top of it all, wrote poetically about the experience. Wow.

  20. The above comment was from Still and All. The comment box did not work as it usually does for a Wordpress site.

  21. Love how you've captured the reflection and love your words too - love the idea of nature's paintbrush reminding us of the moment.

  22. really great shot!
    so nice colorful & sharp reflections!

    xoxo, Juliana | PJ’ Happies :) | PJ’ Ecoproject

  23. Stunning reflection and fantastic capture of it!! I love those little "nature surprises!"

  24. Oooh, oooh, oooh! Amazing photo! And I like your text too. :)

  25. Hi Sandra - what gorgeous photos!! and yes nature is amazing - thank you for your lovely comment the other day regarding Sandy (nature at its worst!) the support came at just the right moment !
    Mary x

  26. Thank you for bringing an awareness to the everyday. Gorgeous!

  27. Perfect capture of an ordinary miracle. Lovely!