Lake Ontario from Toronto

Like freshly applied watercolours, the sky and lake mingle together
in the softest pinks and blues.

The early morning sky takes on astonishing colours
 before the sun actually breaks through

Then like a liquid, golden ball it appears in its oval loveliness

Overlooking the port and the small landing strip of the Toronto Island airport,
also known as Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport.
There is a frequent ferry service between the airport and the city.

A lovely sailing boat glides past

A plane goes slowly down the runway before turning around
to gather speed before taking off.
Part of the Toronto Islands can be seen behind the airstrip.
They are a chain of small islands in the western part of Lake Ontario and are just offshore
from the city centre and can be reached by ferry.

Little sailing boats bob around on the structured surface of the water.

and now we are back to a similar view as on the first photo of this series,
but this time, with a completely different atmosphere.

The sky changes colour constantly and we leave with this peaceful image 
of a darkening lake 
and an orange sky reflected in the water's surface.


  1. Hi Sandra

    Amazing shots....these sky pictures has wonderful colors, i like them very much.

    You new header is also a lovely photo.....i like these little birds ( the dutch name is " Roodborstje " )

    Wish you a lovely weekend.

    Hugs, Joop

  2. Dear Sandra,
    The three first photos and the later sky ones are just fantastic. The colours are wonderful.

  3. Beautiful shots Sandra, those sunset and sunrise pictures are just amazing. Isn't the world a beautiful place?
    It is so wonderul to have the pictures to look back on.

  4. Oh my goodness, what absolutely glorious photographs. Those skies are incredible!

    You capture nature in all it's variety so well, I sense a soul tuned to each season's joys :D

  5. Your photos are stunning. You've captured the colours of the sunrise beautifully. xx

  6. Hello Sandra

    Your photos as always are beautiful

    They are so dramatic and vibrant.

    I love the early morning ones and think they would make lovely
    pictures to hang on a wall.

    = Fantastic.

    x Fiona

  7. What glorious skies you have captured and enjoyed seeing!! Early and late skies seem to melt with the most wonderful colors, blending into each other, and ever changing. The larger sailing boat is really cool!

  8. So beautiful! I love the sky colors you caught! I especially like the second picture with the oranges, and the little bit of bright prink!
    Hope you had a lovely weekend,
    Kate :}

  9. What wonderful observations of a changing sky and boats on the water. Thanks for sharing these peaceful images.

  10. The boats are interesting, but the sky images make me swoon! I can't decide which is my favorite, but I have to say the first one took my breath away.

  11. Gorgeous skies and I always love looking at the water.. (visiting from Indigo Jansen blog)

  12. Your images have once again left me breathless! I look at them gasp and then let out a long sigh!! They are beyond gorgeous!! I love those little sailboats!

  13. What amazing views these are, Sandra.
    I especially love the first one.
    It makes me think of a beautiful watercolor painting.

  14. Nice photography here. Found your through Knitsofacto!


  15. Just gorgeous, Sandra. My favorite is your first --"Like freshly applied watercolours..."

  16. hello Sandra,

    your beautiful photographs
    mixed with your caring words
    make this a wonderful experience to see.

  17. Your images are lovely. I love the sunset pictures. So stunning!

  18. This past summer we stayed several times with friends who live right on Lake Ontario but on the southern side. You can actually see Toronto and the CN Tower across the lake. I couldn't get over the beautiful sunsets every single night and every one was different. You have captured the beauty of them here.