Photo-Heart Connection: September

Recently visiting the big city of Toronto in Canada
full of amazing skyscrapers
and swirling highways...
the sight of this astonishing and delightful bird gathering on a crane
when the sun was setting
stopped me in my tracks!
Seeing these dozens and dozens of small winged creatures
coming together in masses at the end of the day,
not on tree-tops, but on the even higher cranes towering above
building sites of even more skyscrapers to come!
From time to time, when there was a brief lull in the incessant background noise of traffic,
I could hear the birds chirping and singing!
There was instant connection to the birds
connection to that moment
so unexpected
so beautiful!

What a lovely life lesson these birds represent.
Whatever the circumstances, 
we can adapt as best we can
we can chose to mope in a corner
or we can choose to sing!
In my town environment with no view...
which one do I choose to do?
Well, the sun is shining outside as I write these words,
so I think I'll go out and walk where I can see greenery and trees
and I might just sing!

I would like to include the context where this photo was taken below.
Click on the picture to enlarge it and see  all those tiny birds lined up
just everywhere!

When I step back, I see the bigger picture
and this one gives me a sunset!


  1. Both pictures are very NICE Sandra.

    Wish you a great weekend.

    ( with or without chocolate)

    Greetings, Joop

  2. How beautiful... even the urban landscape has its moments of joy and magic! Love the birds and their story, and the sunset is glorious. What a great attitude you have to photography and also to life. Thanks for an uplifting post.

  3. Your bird and crane photos are lovely.

    The other day at work, when we opened the back door, we could hear hundreds of birds singing in one of the oak trees that edge the lake. They must have been migrating, and by evening they were gone. A precious fleeting beauty. Sing away! :)

  4. Gorgeous photos - love the birds, sitting on their wires and also that beautiful sunset in the second shot. I choose singing too. :) Happy weekend.

  5. Hello Sandra, so nice to hear from you. How wonderful you travelled to Canada recently...I can hear the birds did you sing?..i think YES & the sunset is just glorious..wishing you a happy weekend x

  6. Cool image. Really love it. Something about cranes, their geometrical yet open shapes I find very appealing. I also love when something man made connects with nature. Perfect example. and in that pull out shot-yummy blue hour light.

  7. What a great picture of those birds - I can just imagine how lovely their song was :)
    But even better you got that lovely sunset in the bigger picture.
    Lovely pictures - I hope you enjoyed Toronto - that is one of those place I'd really like to visit some day. :)

  8. beautiful
    both your photographs and your words
    quite inspiring

  9. I always love seeing birds gather on a wire, and have them right out my back door. Love your comparisons of the birds and humans. You are very correct - it's all in how we choose to look at our situation. I prefer to sing amongst it all. Things seem a bit brighter when I do that, because then the sunset can be seen. Have a great day!

  10. This is a wonderful Photo-Heart connection, Sandra.
    I really love the first image.
    It looks like they are having a meeting!
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  11. WOW, I love your photos, that birds, they are great. I love Toronto too. Thanks for bringing me back in time.

  12. Hi Sandra,
    You create as beautifully with words as you do with pictures! Fun capture! I especially like the juxtaposition of nature and man-made design... in perfect harmony.
    Hope your week is a wonderful one,
    xo A

  13. Adapting with a good illustrated this beautifully. The photo in context is wonderful!

  14. You are so right! Oh, how I would love to be a bird :)

    Toronto is definitely on my list of places to visit, and I've really enjoyed everyone I've met from there :)

    Love your capture of something extraordinary in the ordinary! XOL

  15. Hi again,
    Thank you for visiting my cheetopillar post.
    I love to see and hear birds and your amazing sunset shot is a great reminder of their song and beauty.

  16. Marvellous post and pictures Sandra ! Me too, I would like to be a bird...Free as a bird :-)

    My post was about a buzzard beeing mobed by appr. 100 of crows....and was forced to flee...In that case not so funny to be a buzzard...

  17. Hi Sandra. I want to thank you for your inspiring blog. I've been visiting you for some months now and I always feel marvelled with your photos and reflections. In fact, I was so inspired by you that I started to know how to wait patiently for a dream of mine to come true, which is to move to the countryside. I live in a flat, on the third floor at the moment and I was feeling desperately frustrated with it, althouth my town is a very nice and quiet one. I couldn't persist with such a feeling, so I decided that while I wait to sell my house to be able to buy the one I want, I have to live happy here. And started to fullfill my balcony and windows with flowers and greenery. It´s a privilege to take care of this "garden" and see my plants to grow. Sorry for this long comment, but I couldn't acess your email. Thanks once again, from deep inside my heart. Kisses from Portugal.

  18. Wonderful post, Sandra! I love the lines and asymmetry of your first image....not your usual style, but so intriguing. I like the life lesson you take away from the birds. The birds here were singing so sweetly this morning when I went out.....made me feel they were giving me encouragement for all my tasks.

  19. There is something powerful about this image, like a tale of contradictions. Love it.

  20. This is a wonderful life lesson indeed. Love your words, in particular "we can choose to sing", so very true. Great images and fantastic photo-heart connection

  21. Great pictures and great post! I hope the next time I find myself moping in a situation, I can choose to sing instead... and probably the best way to do so would be to look at the big picture!
    Kate :}

  22. It really is all about which way we choose to look isn't it? I have always been fasinated by the birds coming together like that, beautiful photo-heart connection! Thanks for sharing...Kim

  23. Well seen and written, Sandra. I love the idea of those little birds, making the environment their own whether it's a tree or a crane. Bringing a bit of nature to the skyscraper world. Thanks for sharing in the Photo-Heart Connection. I hope you had a wonderful time in Toronto!