Ding Dong Merrily on High

This is the week before Christmas
when the frenzy in the air is very tangible.
Sometimes, it's just good to find a quiet place to sit
and take the time to breathe...
maybe light a candle
a red one is so festive.

The presents are wrapped and the bows tied
I'm so glad I did everything early.

What about my new hand and arm cast?
Red for Christmas. What else?
Just to be a little silly, I'm going to wear a tinsel bracelet
on Christmas Day!

Since there won't be a Christmas tree this year,
I've bought some cheerful fairy lights to create
several luminous and festive corners around my home.

A sparkling butterfly in memory of a sweet loved-one
departed much too early.

A bowl of Christmas baubles on a small table

This glass container, containing tinsel and shiny baubles
will have added fairy lights in red and white 
to be the centre-piece on my Christmas table

I love my living room at night
all lit up
as pretty as any Christmas tree!

The Christmas elves are already in place in the entrance.
They have been a tradition for more than twenty years.

The homemade truffles will have to wait for the New Year
before I make them again.

I was just able to finish crocheting the front door wreath
on the last day of November.
That was lucky!

I am unable to make my usual Christmas crochet gifts and decorations this year,
but fortunately I have some snowflakes left over from previous years.

As soon as the afternoon light starts to fade
those little lights come on.

Scintillating evenings just for me and a good book!

Those little bells again, just because they're so joyful!
and the sweet sound of children's voices.
Please click below on the name of the Christmas Carol:

It just goes to show that we can still create a festive feeling with very little
and with just a bit of imagination!

I wish you all a very heartwarming and beautiful time with your families.
Sometimes, not all members of a family can get together, but we can phone and
exchange emails and have special thoughts for all those who have
other obligations or cannot be with us.

In the meantime, whatever you do, and whoever you're with, 
may you have a joyful heart to share!

I'll be taking a blog break over the holiday period until sometime in January.

Be well
Be happy
Remember to smile
to someone who may need it!


  1. Happy Holidays, love your red cast and tinsel bracelet. Those little elves are so cute. ❤️❤️❤️ Have a good break but not bones but just for fun. 🎄🎄🎄

    1. Thank you, Barbara. No, no more broken bones! I love your little hearts and Christmas tree decorations! Wishing you a beautiful Christmas period with your family!

  2. Love your Header!!!!!!

    You have made delightful little Christmas vignettes. Who needs a tree????

    Plus, since there are more of them, the sparkle is spread over more space. Not just concentrated, on one tree. :-)

    No stress here!!! Those days are behind me. By choice, and by "making" family come around to my simpler way!!! ,-)

    No more extended family gifts! We all only give to grandchildren/nieces/nephews. We have never been into the lots-of-Christmas-parties madness. My husband and I exchange one gift, which we really want. (Mine this year is one of those Ancestor.com boxes! And his is a wanted wood burning set)

    We keep the meaningful family customs. Which are few. And so, no stresssssssss! :-)

    Your red cast for Christmas is lovely, and looks perfect with a tinsel bracelet!!!!

    If we go with the flow, we can have a lovely time, can't we? "Don't fight the river, it knows where it is going."

    Enjoy your blogging break!!!!!

    Coming Yule/Christmas blessings,
    Luna Crone

    1. Thank you, Luna! So glad you're going to have a peaceful family time with meaningful family customs. It sounds as if you have things planned just the way you like them! Going with the flow of things is certainly the most comfortable!
      I'm glad you like the Christmas time header! There's something so sparkly and cheerful about golden bells!

  3. Oh my goodness, Sandra, everything looks so beautiful!
    Definitely no tree needed here. I just love all the little individual decorations you have put together.
    Simply perfect.
    I wish you a very Merry Christmas, and a bright and beautiful New Year.

  4. Thanks, Lisa! I had such fun imagining how I could make everything look pretty this year. I loved doing it all!
    Thank you for your Christmas wishes! See you in the New Year!

  5. Lovely festive post Sandra. Your photo's make me want to come round and share a nice cup of tea/coffee and admire your cozy home with the pretty lights.

    Sending Christmas wishes right back to you.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

    1. Come round anytime, Sarn! I'll put the kettle on as soon as you arrive!
      Thank you for your Christmas wishes!

  6. Merry, Merry Christmas! Your decorations were as pretty as any tree with a lot less work.

    1. Thank you, Sarah! May your Christmas be very wonderful too!

  7. Oh my! Your house is like a Christmas wonderland! Your photos are just stunning. It felt like I was looking at a magazine spread. Wonderful, wonderful! All the joys of the season to you, Sandra!

    1. Thanks, Marcie. I really enjoyed creating little sparkling corners in my home this year! I don't have a log fire, but it certainly feels snug and warm here this year!
      May your Christmastime be wonderful!

  8. Replies
    1. Thank you, Mary. I've stocked up on batteries to keep those sparkles shining over Christmas.

  9. Such a bright and cheerful post...I love your red cast with the tinsel bracelet...All your decorations are so pretty and festive...Here's hoping your Christmas is filled with laughter, joy, and lots of love....

    1. Thank you, Nancy. Your Christmas wishes are perfect: "laughter, joy and lots of love"!
      May your own Christmas be filled with the very same ingredients!

  10. Your Christmas decorations are just beautiful! Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and much light and joy in the new year.

    1. Thank you, Fi. Happy Christmas to you also and may the New Year continue to give us wonderful new opportunities for our love of photography!

  11. Sandra, you have created beautiful Christmas decorations this year! I'm going to be looking for those little fairy lights! Love the red cast and tinsel bracelet, so festive!

    1. Cathy, I was thinking of ways to make my home look joyful without a Christmas tree and those little fairy lights came to the rescue! If I'm going to have a cast, I may as well make it festive!

  12. I thought for a moment "What a very festive and well-fitting knitted mitt she's wearing...." I'm sorry to hear of your cast! (RSI from too much crochet?)

    Little lights and baubles create an intimate festivity that's just as beautiful as anything larger could be. One of my favourite things every year while decorating is getting out the bundle of small Christmas lights and plugging them in. That little cluster of coiled brightness seems so magical.

    A bright and happy Christmas to you, and a healthy New Year!

    1. Knitted red mitts! That's a thought! I miss my crochet, but I'll be making up for lost time in the new year!
      I agree that those small lights at Christmas time certainly do bring in the magic!
      Thank you for your Christmas wishes, I'll be coming over to your place to visit!

  13. Such pretty decorations for the Christmas season, Sandra. It looks so festive! Your advice is sage....we all need to slow down and enjoy these days instead of racing around. Wishing you a wonderful holiday!

    1. Thank you, Gina. So nice to see you visit.
      When things seem overwhelming, the best way back to peace is to return to our centre and breathe in the the calm again.

  14. So beautiful Sandra !! Love coming to see your posts - always spectacular !!
    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas !!
    Xoxo Anna and Liz

    1. Anna and Liz, how lovely to see you come in and visit! I wish you both a beautiful Christmas and a great start to the new year!

  15. Thank you and the same back to you! Hugs and kisses !!' :)

  16. Lovely images of your holiday magic
    So glad you were able to do a few things to make your home feel festive.
    Lovely also that you prepared things in advance and you can relax and not regret.

    Wishing you a lovely blog break and sweet holidays.
    Magical Solstice to you as well.

    1. Thank you, Tammie! Our Winter Solstice was just a grey foggy day, but I lit candles around my home to celebrate the return of the light!

  17. Hi I have just come across your blog. What a wonderfully calming post among all the .Christmas madness. Thank you.

  18. beautiful pictures, beautiful decorations. I see a lot of stars which I dearly love, crochet snowflakes too - they're so cute.

    have a lovely holiday.

    1. So glad you enjoyed your visit, Lissa! That's so true that there are many star shapes which I love very much too!

      No crocheting till I get this arm cast off, but I will catch up the lost time, I know!

      Wishing you a wonderful Christmas time also!

  19. Wow! The christmas magic abounds here on your blog,Sandra. Love all these light-filled images and that wreath you crocheted is incredible. Best wishes for a lovely holiday full of joy and peace and a New Year full of wonders to capture with your lens. Thank you for all the beauty you share!

    1. So nice to have you visit, Sherry! Thank you for your comment and for your good wishes of the season!

  20. Wonderful and pretty Christmas decorations Sandra! Wish I could be there in the evening when all the pretty festive lights are turned on. Like the tinsel wrist bracelet on you red cast. Sending you hugs and warm wishes for a speedy recovery.
    Merry Christmas!

    1. What a lovely surprise to see you pop in here, Lauren! Yes, all those fairly lights make it really pretty at night. The candles too! I hope you will have a lovely time with your family, today.

  21. You have beautiful decorations and you have done well with only one arm working properly. I hope you have a Happy New Year.

    1. Thank you, Diane! Wishing you also a Happy New Year!

  22. I hope you've had a lovely holiday season, Sandra! So sorry to see you had an accident....I haven't been blogging, so I'm late w/ this. Will write soon.
    Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year!!!!

    1. Thank you so much, Anna. Wishing you a wonderful New Year also!

  23. I'm very late to this Christmas post, but wow, what beautiful decorations you had Sandra! I especially love those Christmas elves! I was so sorry to hear about your arm. The fact that you dressed it all up for Christmas makes me believe that your positive spirits will help it heal all the much faster!
    Kate :}