One Last Look

Goodbye frothy waves, soft sand and black granite rocks...

... endless horizons where boats disappear and craggy walks far away from concrete jungles...

the coloured quiet depths when the waves churn up the surface
the sound
the smell
of the sea.

Goodbye chapel on the hill presiding the azure seascape

and the bell on the chapel with the lichen-covered roof.
What is it about bells against the sky?

A slanting roof and a beady eye
and a wonderful, wonderful clear blue sky!

Magical moments in the sky, imprinted in my memory
This one is my favourite.
(click on the photo to get a full-screen size to be engulfed in the whole atmosphere)

Standing in the soft sand and gazing over the watery horizon
where my soul meets the sky

Little seashell with your belly full of salty water

Rows of tiny flags, reminding me that I was home, for a while...
before returning to my land of adoption.
Au revoir England
until we meet again!


  1. Oh...absolutely fabulous...
    xoxo Bshell

  2. I've loved all these posts Sandra. I would love to return to saint Ives one's a very special place and your pictures are wonderful.
    Jacquie x

  3. Beautiful photos of Cornwall. I haven't visited for many years but would love to return!

  4. Must be a very nice holiday.....lovely place there,
    photo 1 and 3 are my favorite's .

    Wish you a nice weekend Sandra.

    Greetings, Joop

  5. Lovely shots Sandra, that sea is such a beautiful colour and those waves rushing in are amazing.
    It sounds as if you really enjoyed your holiday in England. You certainly got some great pictures if you last few posts are anything to go by.
    Have a lovely weekend. :))

  6. Fantastic photos as usual! The sea, St. Ives, seagulls - bliss! I also love the bunting caught on the breeze!

  7. Cornwall is a beautiful place... Close to St Ives or Land's End? St Just?

  8. Snadra, I love your beautiful photos and lyrical words. It's obvious that your heart is there. Your favorite is mine, too. Gorgeous!

  9. It must be difficult to leave all of this beauty and peacefulness.
    I have so enjoyed all of the photographs from your vacation.
    Thank you for sharing them here.

  10. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. I LOVE the seagull picture; such nice lines and colors!! And that pink sky picture is surreal! It must have been amazing to see in person!

  11. Wonderful series of photos, Sandra! The ocean is such a lovely color there! That pinkish cloud image is an amazing capture --beautiful! A sweet farewell to your native land.

  12. I'll be in St Ives in a couple of weeks time - Your photos capture it so very well. xxx

  13. Sandra, those gorgeous soft shades of blues are what I would love to look at for days! Between the sky blues, and the sea blues they are so peaceful and soothing. Well, the bell against the sky is kind of like a beacon, except with sound instead of light, calling those to a safe haven. That morning or evening lavender sky is spectacular. There is something special about those colors over a huge body of water. I know I have really enjoyed seeing a few of the sights you enjoyed for a few days. I'm happy you lengthened out your posts for us to enjoy for nearly a month. :) Have a wonderful week my friend.

  14. WOW - I'm so glad I came to visit your blog after you came to visit mine. These pictures are AMAZING. I'll be back!

    Sarn xxx

  15. Somewhat bittersweet for you I'm sure, Sandra. Until you visit next time. xo

  16. Soaking in this saltwater peace
    and grateful that I found your deeply beautiful
    place (wandered over here from Connie's lovely
    site....I think I smelled the sea)
    thank you for this gorgeous interlude,

  17. What fun soaking up all your holiday posts! You came home with some treasures in your photos, and memories, I'm sure too. I love the huge evening cumulus and ocean view. I want to be there!