Changing moods

A diver in his black suit looks out across the turquoise sea from his rock

and the small boats move across the calm water.

The beach takes on a pinkish, golden hue as the sun lowers in the sky

and creates shadowy patterns on the ridges left by the waves at low tide.

The almost unreal colours fill the sea and sky making it look like a subdued painting

The clouds swirl and change  behind the
 belfry -  promising a colourful sunset.

These are the moods  and colours  to be enjoyed by the sea, ever-changing, always surprising...


  1. WOW....that last one is so WONDERFUL Sandra,
    these lovely warm colors makes me happy.

    We have a very bad summer with a lot of rain.

    Greetings, Joop

  2. Great photos. I imagine the sea here today would be a dull grey as it has done nothing apart from rain - nearly all day long! Oh, to have some sunshine and to be able to go to the beach in Summer clothing!

  3. So beautiful - I especially like the beach shot with houses in the background. And the last one is spectacular!

  4. I love how you have captured all the seaside moods! I agree, the sea and sky is ever changing and you need to be there for those breathtaking moments!

  5. Wow just says it all Sandra! The mood changes of the sky and sea are amazing. I love the colors of the blues and greens. The last fireball sky overcomes me. Lovely story. Have a wonderful week. Here in the US we will happily take your rain and cooler temps.

  6. So beautiful. I love all the pink tones and the final, gorgeous sunset. There is something so calm and serene about all that beautiful blue too.

  7. I absolutely love the progression of colors from the first to last photo! It's also a joy to read as well!

  8. Wonderful shots you have here. The diver in the first one looks tiny surrounded by that vast sea. I really love the shapes the waves leave in the sand - I'm always fascinated by them. And you last shot of the sunset is absolultely stunning - gorgeous warm colours.

  9. such great colors you have captured and shared here. The turquoise sea is so beautiful, I just want to dive in! The moods really are so different, hard to believe all these come from the same place. The last one is amazing!

  10. Sandra, these are gorgeous photographs.
    I love the tones on the beach.
    So beautiful.

  11. I particularly like the last photo. It's so atmospheric xxx