A glimpse of the sea

Beyond the gate and the beautiful stone wall, 
framed by the yellow flowers of wild rapeseed,
appeared the sea!

The heavy purple sky hung across the water like a winter blanket pegged out to dry.

As I walked along the coastline, the wind dispersed the clouds
creating patches of sheer blue

I held my breath as I glimpsed the sea between two mighty rocks...

and there it was: the sea, all dressed in turquoise and faraway purple, freshly painted
by the palette in the sky.

I followed the craggy path and breathed in the sea air

watching the clouds splay out behind the chapel on the hill.

Coming down again and gazing at the beauty of it all

and closing my eyes just a moment to listen to the waves as they hit the rocks

until I reached the beach for a little quiet contemplation.


  1. Hello Sandra

    What a very nice place and these pictures has wonderful compositions ...... it's a pleasure to see this lovely work.

    warm greetings from Holland, Joop

  2. Such poetry in words and pictures, Sandra! You know how much I love the ocean, and your images are beautiful! What a wonderful place to go and contemplate. Isn't it interesting how quickly the color of the sea changes with the sky?

  3. Oh my goodness Sandra, all of these are wonderful, but the first two are absolutely GORGEOUS.
    The light, the colors, everything is pure perfection to me.

  4. seeing your photos this morning gave me the sense that i took a lovely walk along the coast. your coast is wild, craggy and green, mine has long expanses of sand that follows a u shaped bay. at the end of the u tiled roofed homes are dotted on a small hill, the hill where i live. glad you captured the beauty.

  5. Fantastic photos! I really couldn't choose a favourite as they are all so beautiful!

  6. Wow, Sandra. Such breathtaking photos of a beautiful sea. The colors are just lovely and clear. I LOVE the blue and yellow colors of the first two (those are always my favorite combination), but the views from the hills and the blue sky sprinkled with clouds are all a wonder to behold! Thank you for taking us on a little long walk around the seaside! xo

  7. Hi Sandra, I love a rugged coastline like that - especially on a windy day. Your pictures are fab and I especially love the first two. All of those wonderful colours look great.

  8. Sandra, what a gorgeous hike! You had me holding my breath, too. I love the light rays behind the chapel, and the delicate flowers in front of those two huge rocks, and your lyrical descriptions, especially "The heavy purple sky hung across the water like a winter blanket pegged out to dry". So beautiful. Hope your weekend is a good one, and thanks so much for this beauty.

  9. wow, what a beautiful place. you captured it so well--great shots!

  10. What a beautiful place and wonderful photos!

  11. Beautiful pictures!! Gorgeous place! The colors are amazing, especially the purple and yellow together!!

  12. What a beautiful series of photos! I can just hear the waves...

  13. Hi Sandra, I follow Lisa Gordon on her blog and on Ficker. I noticed that you follow her blog too, so I took at look at your blog and I love what I see--beautiful work. I also love and respect nature and like to live in the present moment. Please visit my blog if you have the time. Pat

  14. Our campsite is on this walk - I love the views from here.