Moments by the sea

Sparkling sea moments

and frothy wavelets

Tiny grains of multi-coloured sand on which a mussel shell nestles

My eyes drown themselves in the blue-green depths and where the sea meets the sky

A seagull points his beak to a faraway point of interest

and I follow his gaze to the clock tower against the blue sky
and it looks like the right time...

to sample a Cornish Cider. Quite perfect for a hot day!

Up the hill past the twin bells on the little church above the beach

A wicker chair by the window to read awhile overlooking the water

and the evening brings in shades of grey with a hint of pink - and the lovely hues of dark and light
illuminate the sea and the sky.


  1. Spectacular photos! I would love to sit in that wicker chair admiring the sea!

  2. I see crystal clear water lapping against the white sands, a wicker chair to rest in (I have several at my house),and a satisfying drink to mellow me out! It looks like a perfect scene to me,Sandra. Thank you for your positive comments on my blog.

  3. Fantastic pictures from a lovely place...... it's a pleasure to see such lovely photographs.

    warm greetings, Joop

  4. These are beautiful, Sandra, especially the chair/window.
    What a beautifully peaceful view.

  5. Now you're making me homesick, Sandra! That last shot is just stunning!

  6. Splendid collection Sandra. I love the textures of the structures you captured.

  7. Good morning Sandra

    What a beautiful selection of photos you have posted.

    They are so restful and happy.

    Love the blue skies!

    I would certainly enjoy sitting in that wicker chair relaxing and enjoying the view.


    Have a good day and hope the sun shines for you

    x Fiona

  8. Such a lovely collection of seaside photos, Sandra! I love how you've made a story from them taking us on a tour and ending at the close of the day, with a rest stop in the wicker chair by the window and then sundown. I love the rooftop and chimney image with the blue sky background. Thank you for the little tour! Such a beautiful place to see! Have a great day!

  9. such lovely photos - I would LOVE to go to Cornwall - and you got some sunshine!!
    Mary x

  10. Oh yes you have some lovely pictures here. The view out of that window is just beautiful. I can just imagine you sitting there enjoying that view :) And I just love your last shot. It's many many years since I was in Cornwall - it is a lovely place to visit.

  11. Very poetic. Looks like a lovely place to stay. xxx