Remembering and reflecting...

Is it the lighting or is that grey hair?!

Well now, I recognize the eyes behind the specs!

Now, now, no need to look so smug without your glasses...
admit that things seem a little blurry, but
they need to go when I wash my hair!

Growing up
Growing older
Growing and evolving
Now is the time for me to nurture 
the beauty of my heart and my soul
and let that shine forth like a halo of love and warmth
wherever I go.
Still learning,
still evolving
and appreciating
each moment

Sharing these photos as part of the self-portrait journey here:

In The Picture


  1. I like this creations Sandra...... good work again.

    Greetings, Joop

  2. Wonderful post, Sandra! I love that first portrait -- the processing really makes it timeless, doesn't it? That butterfly mirror makes a great frame -- clever you. Your warmth and beauty do really shine through in these photos. Brava, Sandra!

  3. beautiful expression
    of your trueness, friend.
    and what a beauty you are:)

  4. A lovely post of a lovely you!!!

  5. such wonderful portraits.
    i think we often capture a part of ourselves in self portraits that other people can not capture in us. maybe not so much for the newer generation that take photos of themselves almost daily and share it on line regularly. I think something has changed in self portraits with that way of photographing....
    you are lovely and i am sure your heart is too.

  6. You look simply beautiful Sandra!
    This is a wonderful post.

  7. Wonderful and wise words. I turn 50 next month...I should jot these down. Love those mirror/towel shots. I find them a bit sassy. Who doesn't like sassy I say?

  8. Compared to me, you are sooo young! I love your turn of words. Came here from Susan's blog. Like what I see and read.

  9. What a lovely post Sandra and I love the pictures of you - it's nice to see you :))
    You also have a wonderful way with words - love what you have written.

  10. I couldn't agree more with your words, and I love the whole towel reflection shots! : )

  11. Beautiful mirrors, beautiful eyes, beautiful hair, beautiful photos. These are absolutely lovely portraits. And I love your words, too. Perfect!

  12. I love your photos and your words! Thanks for linking up at {In The Picture} this month :)

  13. Love your words and your photos, too. So much wisdom and beauty