Photo-Heart Connection: June

My favourite time of the day!
My heart is always connected to the start of each new day - 
 and to this one in particular
because of the glorious setting overlooking the sea.
It's just after 5 o'clock in the morning,
the orange sun has just appeared over the horizon like a heartbeat - bringing everything to life.
I can feel the pulsating energy which pulls me into the whole atmosphere...
I become part of it
I am alive!

I can hear the gentle lapping of the tiny waves on the sandy beach
a distant seagull calls out
I can see a little fishing boat setting off for the day's catch...
and the small medieval chapel outlined on the hill.

The calm sea captures the glowing orange sky
and I am totally enraptured and captured by
the ever-changing light and colours.
A new day!
Just this moment...
Perfection and total connection!

Porthmeor Beach and St Nicholas chapel, St Ives, Cornwall. England.


  1. Hi Sandra,
    Love your picture it really is stunning. All of that redness in the sky and sea - beautiful.
    I hope you really had a great time on your holiday and your now have some lovely memories.
    Hopefully you will show us some more of your wonderful pictures. :))

  2. Good morning Sandra

    That photo is amazing
    and you have written such heartfelt words to go with it.

    It is so pretty it could be a picture postcard.

    Hope you have a lovely day

    x Fiona

  3. Fabulous capture of the miracle of the sunrise! What amazing colors! To be awake and aware at the sunrise is such a powerful way to connect with the energy of a new day. Beautiful post!

  4. Great composition and lovely colors....... Sandra i like this photo very much.

    warm greetings, Joop

  5. Hi Sandra, oh, your words and photos are so beautiful. Just reading your post makes me feel like i am right there! lovely!

  6. This is beautiful, I love a sunrise too, & these colours, & the water is gorgeous!

  7. How beautiful this is, and such a perfect Photo-Heart connection, Sandra.
    The sight of this would surely make for a wonderful day.

  8. Wonderful Image - I understand why it is your favorite - It is a moment of silence for sure - make room for good thoughts - I love it too.
    Thank you for showing!!

    My contibution is here:

  9. What a beautiful sight to begin your day! The peace of the morning and also the excitement of beginning this new day resonates from this photo!!

  10. Isn't it wonderful how nature can make us feel so alive!! This looks like the perfect place to see a sunrise & oh that colour, just divine..looks like you got the most out of your stay in Cornwall. Sending love x

  11. The sky colors are stunning Sandra! You have a beautiful way of expressing thoughts and feelings, and I think you need to be a writer. Love the soft rippling sea, the gentle background of the sky, and the silhouette of the hill and chapel. True natural beauty. Welcome home, and we'll be watching for more lovely posts! :)

  12. What a beautiful pictures and impressive blog you have! So fantastic!

    a big hello from Spain,

  13. That looks so refreshing on a hot day like today! :)

  14. I can feel the tranquility that the salmon colored light created over your bay. You captured a lovely beginning of a perfect day.

  15. Ahhh, as a lover of the beach it is one of my very favorite thing to do - watch the sun rise over the horizon, and for all the reasons you stated. Love this connection, I feel it too!

  16. Breathtakingly beautiful. The colours are amazing and I love your words too.

  17. Oh Sandra - what a beautiful picture - yes, that is a very special way to start the day. Beautiful words also - thank you !
    Mary x

  18. Lovely sunrise! I too, love the perfection each new day brings.

  19. great story and sunrise picture

  20. Amazing photo-heart connection and wonderful capture and words, make me wish to be there. Thanks for sharing!

  21. Wow, what a beautiful photo and poem! It's amazing to think that something that beautiful happens everyday, and it can be so taken for granted!

  22. What a gorgeous photo and connection to the moment, Sandra. I am there with you! How beautiful to have witnessed this, and to be able to share it with us as your Photo-Heart Connection this month.