Yellow loveliness

Have you ever noticed that when the month of March arrives, we start looking for signs of the colour yellow?

Since I don't have a garden, I thought that I would buy a basket of beautiful yellow tulip bulbs

These beautiful blooms have been astonishing me with the different stages of their growth. 

Yellow loveliness all in a row.

So if you are lacking in the colour yellow and still waiting for winter to give way to spring... treat yourself to some yellow flowers in a pot and watch them grow!


  1. Tulip mania has reached your part of the world -- so pretty! Yellow is a very happy color, isn't it? Wonderful captures! Happy spring!

  2. Sandra, your tulip post has inspired me to go buy a basket of tulips to enjoy indoors until those outside start blooming, in someone else's garden. :) The daffodils are prolific in my yard, and every autumn I think I'm going to plant more tulips....still haven't. These pale yellow blooms with their cute ruffled edges are just gorgeous! I love how you've captured the softness of light in the background. Thanks so much for sharing, and happy weekend to you!

  3. Thanks!
    For a little bit of spring :))