Up with the birds

There is nothing more delicious than an early morning walk!
This morning I was out at 5.45 am to catch the birdsong and experience the beautiful blue hour just before the break of day.
This blackbird sang the sweetest of songs

and the tree stretched its branches out to the sky and did a little harmonious swaying movement

The weathercock on the church steeple turned a little in the breeze... but no sound came out of its metal beak and the blackbird took pity on it and burst into song...
and the crescent moon was suspended high above the chimneys on the other side of the sky
where the blue was changing colour.
Does a sky have sides?

As I crossed the park to go home for breakfast, 
the sky was taking on a delicate pinkish hue.
Have you ever been out walking before the break of day?
Try it sometime.
The moment is magical.


  1. I love the early morning. Your blue hour photos are stunning! Beautiful silhouettes against the blue sky.

  2. These are so beautiful, Zinnia! Wonderful silhouettes -- I love how you composed the dark shapes against the sky. The scalloped roofline under the new moon is so lovely! These make me want to run out right now, as it is dawn, and snap some pictures. Darn, it is raining!

  3. You're right, early morning is magical, and so was this post, like an exquisite poem with some humor thrown in. I love the way you write!

  4. Your early morning walk sounds so wonderful, and you had a chance to enjoy the birds singing, watching the sky change color, and capture all things on your camera, to share with us on the other side of the world. So lovely Sandra. The crescent shaped moon adds a nice soft shape on the blue sky, and against the dark tree silhouettes. The one of the moon peeking through the evergreen branch is enjoyable. Hope your weekend is lovely.

  5. Thanks for a wonderful morning walk in the blue hour, I've enjoyed it!
    Best regards

  6. Gorgeous Sandra! I love the second one, where the tree fills the frame.

  7. These are really wonderful, specially the first and last.
    compositions are also very good Zinnia.
    i love these moments of the day, when we hear the birds singing.

    warm greetings, Joop

  8. every pic is sooooo wonderful , love your thoughts too.