The trumpets sound

The trumpets sound to proclaim the news!

All petals gather for the kiss of the sun.
they jostle and push to get the best view!

Now, now, breathe in breathe out..

Join in the fun -
There's plenty of room 
for everyone!


  1. Beautiful spring colors, you have made lovely pictures of it.

    I wish you a nice evening.

    Regards, Joop

  2. These are very pretty - love the gentle soft light you have captured as well. Lovely!!!!

  3. Twoje "trąbki" są śliczne. Pozdrawiam.*** Your "trumpets" are beautiful. Yours.

  4. Such a beautiful way to welcome spring, Sandra!!
    Each one of the is so beautifully composed, and I love the wonderful softness.
    Truly fantastic work!

  5. Oh these are all so lovely! I'm not sure which is the lovliest, but I do have a strong liking to the 2nd image. The daffodils all look like each one is trying to rise up higher than the one next to it, and get the most attention, saying "pick me, pick me" - so cute! Wonderful strong yellow color, with some pale to give interest. You were brave and picked a bouquet; I left mine in the yard. Spring beauty at its best! Lovely!

  6. Zinnia, I have tagged you for a little blog project called "Getting to Know You" if you are interested in taking part. No pressure, just thought I'd throw out the opportunity!

  7. Some of my favorite spring flowers captured so beautifully! Your photos make me feel as if I can reach right into them!