Woodland beauty

How I love to walk in the woodlands at this time of the year!
The autumn leaves are still very apparent underfoot, 
but little flowers are poking their way through the leafy spread.
Blue scilla flowers light up mossy corners.

The delicate wood anemone dances in the gentle breeze, showing off her sunny centre and tossing her pretty cut-out leaves.

The young green leaves soak up the filtered sun and their fresh colour makes me breathe in deeply to take in all their goodness.

Here is the Anemone hepatica, so vibrant in colour.
Each day I notice so many changes in nature and I feel the need to get out every day and not miss a morsel of all this new growth and glorious beauty!


  1. These pictures are really wonderful, the light and colors are so fantastic..... i like this work very much.....my compliments to you.

    Greetings, Joop

  2. I love to go for a walk in the woods - there is always something new to see.
    You have got some gorgeous pictures here - the flowers are all so pretty and I love the colours.
    Hope you have a great week. :))

    1. Sandra, I'm coming over in the darkest of the night to steal those hepatica anmones.
      I covet those with a passion.
      Wonderful images.
      [you've got mail]

  3. Byłam na spacerze w lesie, ale jeszcze nie było takich ślicznych kwiatków. Pozdrawiam.*** I was on a walk in the woods, but there was no such lovely flowers. Yours.

  4. Oh these are too lovely! I'm so glad you took photos to share with us, since we can't be there in person. I adore anemone flowers, but have never had them. The lavender ones are so perfect! And look at your forsythia on your header! Your lens is awesome!! Thanks for sharing the glories of your walk today! Have a lovely week.

  5. These are just beautiful!
    I love Anemones, and these are especially gorgeous.

  6. Wonderful woodland images! Thanks for taking us along on your walk. I love those anemones too!

  7. You have captured spring so beautifully here!

  8. Taking in every morsel of your beautiful post, with all those flowers lighting up my room. Thanks!

  9. You have such an upbeat spirit. Your photos are so sharp and clear and lovely.

  10. Thank you so much everyone for visiting me here. It's really so nice to see so many smiling faces and sweet words. Remembering though, nature is the star of the show and I am, just like you all, merely the observer who happens to have a camera round her neck!
    I also so enjoy visiting you all and seeing what you and your cameras have captured and to see other wonderful horizons!

  11. Your photos of the woodlands makes me want to run to my favorite wooded place and find what beauties I may find. Small problem - allergies have been agonizing the past two weeks and I can't be outside much. So sad, but hopefully soon I will. In the meantime I will enjoy your photos - over and over!

  12. Oh how I ❤ the woodlands, too ... Nature is so nourishing our spirits, isn't it?