March skies and melting snow

We have had a week of stunning blue skies and deliciously warm temperatures

The pine trees stand dark and tall  against the beautiful  blue of the sky
and the snow is receding and melting in the midday sun

The snow poles with their red painted tops can still be seen along the road
Winter may not yet have said its last word!

Freshly laid eggs can be bought at the local farm. 
In the summer, honey and homemade jam and flowers from the garden are also for sale

Looking across to the mountains before returning home

and noticing the timid apparition of the first primroses on shady banks.


  1. Oh look at that beautiful blue sky. It's amazing how a nice blue sky makes you feel happier.
    You have lovely scenery there - those hills in the background look lovely.

  2. I love the mountains shot -- the lines and the colors are terrific! Your images are so crisp and clear, I feel like I am standing there. The fence shot is lovely too, with the irregular line of melting snow along the fence. How nice to be able to get fresh eggs from the farmer!

  3. Sandra, it looks so beautiful where you are! I'm so anxious for spring now.

  4. The spaciousness of the range and mountains with so much blue sky is gives me such a relaxed feeling. I can imagine myself lying on the ground and just soaking up the light, and quiet. How fun to have fresh eggs for sale from the farmer. Did you buy any? :) Such a pretty yellow primrose blooming. Thank you for sharing your world with us through your lovely photography!

  5. Zinnia, you've captured these broad vistas so beautifully, and your writing complements them so well! I love the shot of the fence receding into the distance. You might want to think of sharing this with Friday Fences.