Leaving the town to go up to the fields and enjoy the sun and blue skies and a better view on the mountains

The fields are still brown and the grass is more beige than green after being recently liberated from the melting snow

No leaves on the trees either, but the mountains are magnificent

My favourite pond is still frozen over and we shall have to wait another month for the leaves to unfurl and set the picnic blanket out upon the grass!


  1. Oh, those mountains are magnificent! I loved going for a walk with you in the countryside -- so peaceful. You first image with the birds on the fence is just great! Do I spy a nice bench next to the lake for relaxing?

  2. Hi Sandra,
    Such an awesome sight, your mountains! Beautiful! Love the two crows sitting so far apart from each other on the fence. They believe they are handsome, don't they? :) The snow on that one mountain picture looks like it is REALLY deep! And such a nice view from the pond, with the bench and the fence. It looks like a peaceful place to sit and enjoy the quiet.

  3. Love those mountains, but the crows the best. I wonder if they are have a long distance conversation or just don't like sharing the scenery.