Taking the time

Have you ever noticed how much a child
lives each moment so fully?
Painting stones is so absorbing as the creative energy
is allowed to run freely.

What can be so interesting as we walk in nature?

It has been raining so there are plenty of them
along the path we have chosen to walk.

A new pretty shell is chosen for his collection!

Look at this one which has been broken.
What is the snail's story?


Every single thing is a reason to stop and observe
and children show us how important it is to take the time to do this
in a world where so much frantic rushing seems to exist.

Such fascination in the shapes of  these shells
which once held a living being.

and now it's time to climb and play

totally in the moment

feeling all those lovely stones under summer sandals

and to rest at the end of the day with furry friends!

Children teach me how to take the time
to enjoy each moment fully
excluding all else
this moment!

I feel so lucky to have a grandson
with whom I have a privileged relationship
and feel blessed when I am in his company.


  1. A very beautiful post, thank you Sandra - I have learnt so much from my grandsons also, and feel honoured to be their 'Nana'!
    I wish you peace and love,

  2. Lovely pictures and lovely messages! I think children also remind us to look at everything around us with fresh eyes!
    Have a great weekend!
    Kate :}

  3. A beautiful series, Sandra.
    Enjoy every moment with him.

  4. Beautiful post Sandra :) He looks like the kind of child who really sees the world!

  5. You've captured inquisitiveness, concentration, wonder and innocence. We're lucky to learn these lessons anew through our grandchildren.

  6. Your photos of your grandson are such treasures! Beautiful everyone of them! He's quite a handsome guy!

  7. What a lovely series featuring your precious grandson, Sandra! How wonderful that he studies things so carefully. It's so true that children can keep us grounded and in the present. What beautiful snails you have there -- much prettier than ours.

  8. Wonderful memories....hugs x

  9. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous grandson with us. He has so much focus and curiosity. I get the feeling that the two of you have a lot in common and that when he grows up he'll be as creative as his grandmother!

  10. Sandra ~ adults should definitely learn from kids when it comes to enjoying the moment, as you have so aptly pointed out! Thanks for sharing your wonderful time with your grandson and his fascination with nature. Indeed, you are fortunate to have him in your life!
    Hope all is well. I will write soon. Stairway is up :)
    Take care,

  11. he is a handsome boy! An hour with your grandson can make you feel young again.

  12. What a lovely blog post Sandra (as so many of yours are!). Looks like you had a fun-packed time with your Grandson. xxx

  13. I am awed by the loving way you document your grandson's fascinated explorations of the world around him and innate ability to be in the moment. It is true that children are generally better at this than adults and that we can learn so much from them. It is also true that in this day and age, some children even lose this sense of wonder too young and spend too much time expecting something more exciting to happen. This is tragic to me. But you are blessed with a grandson like yourself -- and you can enjoy all the moments together! How wonderful.

  14. What a priceless post, Sandra, and a great reminder!