An End of Summer Feeling

A tiny feather floated down zig-zag fashion
and landed on my Gaillardia flower.
It made me think of autumn leaves falling.

This summer has been particularly hot
and we have experienced heat-wave after heat-wave
with temperatures reaching 32 degrees Celsius.
It has been uncomfortable
and I prefer the cooler seasons of autumn and spring.

Luckily the lake is not too far away and I can reach the water
in fifty minutes on foot
or take the metro for fifteen minutes if I prefer.

Which way is the wind blowing?
The weather vane tells me that it's coming from the south-west.

Steam boat rides are always part of summer!

My grandson loves to look at the workings of the boat!
We have a summer tradition of going on a steam boat when he stays with me!

Chrysanthemums are already planted in my window-boxes
I love these striped ones

and the centre of the yellow ones too.

The early morning sunshine streams into my home
and I just love witnessing this peaceful moment.

My coloured marbles love the sunshine too!

The clouds formations remind us that a change of weather is coming


and sunrise

The light is changing
an end of summer feeling
storms are on the way.

This is the essence of my summer.


  1. Love these shots of the sea!

    Summer sped by this year.

    1. Thanks, Sandi. The water shots are actually of a lake!

  2. You capture the light and colours in such a magical way!

  3. And what a lovely essence of summer you've created. Terrific pictures, as always.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

    1. Thanks, Sarn! It has been a very colourful and a very HOT summer this year! It's rather a relief to enter September and cooler days!

  4. What a lovely reminder of peaceful moments we get throughout the morning. Beautiful flowers Sandra and I just love your traditions of going on the steamboat whenever your grandson spends time with you. Have a great weekend!

  5. Thanks so much! These are my summer memories and always so nice to look back on afterwards!

  6. A beautiful tribute to your August! I think your balcony with it's lovely flowers must be a wonderful place to sit on hot days. I know you'll be glad when the hot days are behind you. It's so special that you have the tradition of going on a steamboat ride with your grandson. Such special memories he'll have. He's getting so tall!

    1. Thanks, Cathy. Yes I do love my balcony right through from the spring plantations to autumn. It's a lovely place to eat or read under the big canvas awning. Yes, I enjoy the steamboat ride as much as my grandson that we do every summer. I asked him this year if he'd like to choose a steam train journey for a change, but he still choice the boat!

  7. Really awesome, Sandra! Light, color, composition, everything. Fortunately, autumn is at the doors and the weather turns softer and calm. Also timetables and life return to their routines and that's fine. It's my best time to crochet! ; ) Have a lovely weekend! xxx

    1. Thank you so much! I just love autumn too and the cooler weather. As you say, a perfect time for new crochet projects!!

  8. Such lovely and artful glimpses of your summer. You show it as a beautiful season, even though it was too hot. Your grandson is growing up!
    I enjoyed seeing a photo of you too!

    1. It was so incredibly hot this summer, Tammie. This did not stop me from from being conscious of all the colourful beauty, but my favourite times of the day were definitely very early mornings when fairly long walks were possible! Yes, my grandson is growing up, so fast!

  9. What a beautiful photo essay, Sandra. I know you said it was especially hot, but your photos have a serenity to them that impart a sense of coolness. I love the little feather on the flower. Our leaves have already started falling, just a few here and there. It will be weeks yet before the color of autumn reaches its peak and all the leaves come down, but that feeling of change is in the air.

    1. Thanks so much, Lee! Yes, it feels different, but a nice sort of different. This summer has seemed never-ending. September can be so beautiful and the lighting is often so special and great for us and our cameras!