Where Are the Stories?

She looked out through the confines of where she was hiding.
She knew the world was waiting for her to make the effort, to take the first step.
There were other human beings out there, living life.
Was she living hers? 
She wasn't sure anymore.
She sometimes felt like a little mouse in a cage,
going round in circles, but not exactly getting anywhere.
How had that happened?
Was she doing anything to change that?

She tried looking at things from another point of view.
She felt an inner smile bubbling up from deep within her
and she felt her confidence grow.
"What strange creatures we are", she said, almost out loud.
"We allow ourselves to be influenced by mere thoughts that we have created."

She felt her face becoming relaxed and her breath came slower and calmer.
She could feel the sparkle coming back into her eyes!
There was even a feeling of lightness about her again.
She smiled and knew exactly what she had to do
and felt a tingling of excitement at the sheer thought of it...

This is a fictional story.


I did my first self-portrait course five years' ago when I turned a big birthday.
It was quite a challenge, but I so enjoyed the story-telling
and the role-playing we did.
That course was called "Now You".

This year, I decided to do another self-portrait class, to celebrate another birthday!
They do seem to come round rather quickly, don't they!
This time it's with Vivienne McMaster.
She's so encouraging and full of fun.
You can see her website here

Today is Sunday
and it's a perfect day for relaxing in the sunshine.

First of all, I just need to show you this gorgeous blossom in my neighbourhood!

After an early morning walk,
I had breakfast on my balcony and then read for a while
enjoying the spring flowers in my window boxes and pots.

Campanula or Bell flowers, just beginning to bloom.

I came across this advertisement for a film I would like to see.
I read the book, which was really good, sometime ago.

I've been having fun with double exposures, so here is one with my grandson!
He gave me permission to use this photo of us both.

See you all soon!


  1. Love the purple flowers and the photo of your grandson!

    Where are all the stories? They've got to be out there somewhere! :)

    1. Well one of the stories is right here in this blog post!
      Thanks for visiting, Sandi!

  2. Great photos of yourself that you took for you class and a great story. I know you enjoyed sitting on your balcony among your flowers and reading. Love the photo of you and your grandson.

    1. So nice to see you here, Cathy! Yes, my balcony is a gorgeous place to be in the warm season! All meals outside and reading too! Sunday is especially wonderful because the street I live on is so much quieter!

  3. A lovely post.
    Brilliant wisdom and wonderful images in your story.

    So many pretty flowers and then that deeply beautiful double exposure.

    1. Thanks so much, Tammie, and so nice to see you here!

  4. What lovely photographs, Sandra, especially the self-portraits.
    Have a wonderful week ahead!

  5. I'm glad you have discovered Vivienne. Her classes are fun, and a nice variety.

  6. I love your self portraits! You created a wonderful story to go with them too. Those birthdays do start coming around quicker, don't they? So much lovely purple in your world yesterday. Yes, it is finally looking like spring. :)

    1. Thank you, Michelle! This beautiful time of the year is really in full swing now!

  7. As always, I feel really happy and relaxed, when visiting your site. It's such a wunderful bubble full of peace, tranquility, serenity, quietness. A few minutes to breathe and feel the world slow down. Thank you so much, dear Sandra! BTW: great pic of you and your grandson!

    1. Thank you, Marjan. So glad to hear that visiting me here feels relaxing and happy to you!

  8. Hello Sandra !! I love your self portrait story!! You are stunning in these photos too! Just beautiful .... Xo Anna and Liz

    1. Thank you both for your very kind comments!

  9. Such lovely shots! I really like the fun ones of you peeking through the cage.

    1. Thanks so much, Fi! It was sort of fun inventing a story too!!