At the end of my day

As I leave the house, I pass the iris leaning softly into a sea of green leaves

I notice shapes and details and colours as I stroll and unravel my day

tiny grasses sway and tremble on Nature's summer blanket

and a single stem brings me back to simplicity

Fresh green foliage waves me on my way

Soft tendrils brush away  the little knots that appeared during the day

and the last rays of sunshine illuminate the trunk of a tree
reminding me
to come back to my centre.

Dappled skies show that a change could be expected

yet on the other side, the innocent pink and blue sky enhances the clear-cut  silhouette
of a tree 
and gives me another point of view.

Do you like to unwind in nature at the end of your day?
It helps me let go of all that has passed
and brings me back into the moment
I am actually living.


  1. Fanatstischer Bilderbogen liebe Sandra...

    Herzlichst, Hans-Peter

  2. Really wonderful photographs, Sandra.
    I just love the iris!
    Happy day to you!

  3. Beautiful photos! In the summer I love unwinding by the lake with a simple campfire! My favorite shots are the 2nd and 8th ones!!
    Kate :}

  4. Beautiful, beautiful images Sandra, thank you, I feel unwound just looking at them :)

  5. What a wonderful post! The photos helped tell your story marvelously. I just love the grasses and the fuzz. I always look to Nature for calm and to teach me lessons I maybe know but forgot.

  6. These are really beautiful pictures Sandra, I love them all. There sure is a lot of beauty in this big old world isn't there? :))

  7. I love your narrative that goes with these wonderful images, Sandra! Very creative interpretation! Nature can comfort us in so many ways.

  8. Oh yes . . . Mother Nature sure can be calming . . . unless she's having a hissy fit and throwing thunder and lightning around the skies. Here she is obviously in tranquil mood . . . lovely.

    Sarn xxx

  9. your words
    quite soothing
    along with your beautiful images
    taken with your lens and heart
    a gift
    for us ~

  10. Sandra ~ Nature is the best place to re-group! It always brings me back to what is important. My fav images are # 6 & 7. Very nice!
    P.S. I'll write soon....have had company, so it's been more than the usual craziness at my house :)

  11. Beautiful, peaceful post! I don't get to stroll much in the evening. We're plagued by mosquitoes! But, strolling in the morning helps me start my day!

  12. Such gorgeous pictures Sandra! I actually like to walk my little dog in the morning, we both get a great deal of pleasure being in the woods and we're both a lot calmer for the rest of the day!
    Mary x

  13. Hello Sandra - I don't know why I haven't found you before now but suppose that the timing is right now, so here I am - one of your latest followers.
    I am enthralled with your blog and plan to do a catch-up on previous posts very soon. How refreshing and relaxing - I will now head into my Sunday with a peaceful heart, thank you!
    Joy x

  14. beautiful shots and beautiful words

  15. What lovely shots of the grasses. They seem to be flourishng this year. Must be good weather for them!

  16. So much beauty just outside your door. Yes, nature can call us back to ourselves when life is hectic or confusing.