Savouring the Season

These little elves come out every year before Christmas
I love their simplicity and the fact that they're made of twigs!
I have a really cute little film for you to look at HERE
It's the story of Stick Man and his family at Christmas!

It's also the time of the year when I love to get together with my grandson
for card-making and crafting.
Creating memories together of our own little traditions over the years.
We chat and laugh together, enjoying each other's company.
I am happy that he still loves coming to do crafting with me.

Here is the finished card he made and this one is for me!
It's a beautiful Zentangle bauble.

We also made some Origami fir trees.
I put these two at the base of my Christmas tree in the snow!

If you would like to make these Origami trees,
Just click here for an easy tutorial: ORIGAMI FIR TREE

An exciting parcel arrived this week.
It contained four beautiful jars in different colours and containing
sweet smelling candles with natural non-toxic ingredients.
They are a thoughtful Christmas gift from my son 
who will not be with us for Christmas this year.

A brief overnight snowfall covered the little pansy buds on my balcony,
but the snow soon melted in the morning sun.
We shall not be having a white Christmas down here,
only up higher and in the mountains.

I hope that you are savouring the special moments of the season
and taking the time to live each one to the full
even it this tends to be a very busy time of the year for many.


  1. Sandra, I loved that stick family film, thank you.
    Lovely to hear about your grandson and your doing art together.
    Your photos are lovely and I also enjoy naturally made candles without artificial scents.
    Lovely holidays to you ~

    1. So nice of you to pop in at this busy time of the year, Tammie Lee! Thank you for your kind wishes!

  2. So many treasures to savour! Enjoy.

    1. Thank you. Yes, many things to enjoy in the moment!

  3. Sandra~~
    Wishing you a very happy holiday, and a bright and beautiful New Year!

    1. Thank you, Lisa! I'm enjoying peaceful days after a busy in the kitchen Christmas!

      Thank you for your wishes for the New Year!