When pansies become a painting

 and where the wind whispers its impressions to soft and dreamy yellow daisies

Tiny speckled flowers fade in and out of their smudged background
like the breath of a flower fairy

When flowers and crocheted Mandalas blend together and connect

and a chalice of petals reaches up to brush the circle of life

A soft blanket cascades down to meet with a single flower

and all becomes muted and mingled and each object becomes part of another 
as they dance together in joyful abandon.

The discovery
of the 50mm lens
how it connects to all it sees
with a paintbrush dipped in watercolours.

I've just finished a very uplifting class
with Kim Manley Ort


  1. Sandra, you work magic with your 50mm lens. You inspire me!

    1. Thank you, Kim. It's thanks to your course that I've discovered the amazing possibilities of the 50mm lens!

  2. Stunning're a wiz with the lens them particularly the crochet flower ones lol
    Hugs x

  3. So beautiful, Sandra!
    The 50mm is a wonderful little lens, and it's so versatile too.

    Have a fantastic day!

  4. Truly beautiful images Sandra, you are spoiling us with floral wondrousness!

  5. Beautiful photos. I love my 50mm lens too. With my 60mm macro they are the only ones I use on my big camera. xx

  6. Oh Sandra, I love all this beauty, these words and images, in and out of focus. Just lovely!

  7. I so enjoyed being in the course with you Sandra. You continually stretched yourself and came up with beautiful images made with your 50 mm lens that inspired me. And your generous and thoughtful comments were much appreciated.

  8. Oh dear, I now have lens envy - so beautiful!

  9. Very inspiring photo's. These are beautifully soft and sharp at the same time. Brilliant.

    Sarn xxx

  10. Popping over from Suz's Place ... your pictures are stunningly beautiful ... Sarah x

  11. Great shots!
    Are all very strong!
    Good work!


  12. So very beautiful! I have a fairly new 50mm lens that I've been using more and more, especially after seeing images from several blogs that I follow that took Kim's class. The class sounds wonderful, I hope she offers it again, I'd certainly be interested! My favorite is all those speckled flowers. They are such different flowers and I love all that bokeh!

  13. Beautiful shots Sandra!! I especially love the daisy shot and those pink colors work so well with your mandala!! Glad you had a good class with your 50mm, I love mine!!!
    Kate :}

  14. If these photos are any indication, you've learned a lot about your 50mm.

  15. Oh such lovely pictures Sandra every one of them. I love the backgrounds you have used to show the flowers to the best - lovely work :)

  16. Mahtavasti- Kesän-Hempeät-Värit...
    Mainiosti kuvasit.
    Kiitos vierailusta...

  17. Don't know anything about lenses, but I sure love the photo and the choice of colour :-)