Street Photography

Colour coordination
Red is the colour of the day!

Are my cuffs in the right place?

Happy moments on the lakeside path

Devoted daddy with his little babes
and a silver-haired couple seeking a spot in the shade.

Reading the menu

"Mummy! I've chosen my ice-cream!"

This is the life!
A sunny terrace and the time to enjoy it!

Sharing a moment

When time stands still...

What is he writing?

Expressing himself

Quiet contemplation.

It's quite an honour to enter into other people's lives through photography.
A connection is felt and I feel closer to their life stories
as if I am part of their world
which I am.

Using my 50mm lens to capture these candid shots.


  1. I liked finding red in all the colored photos - my favorite color. Your B&W's really capture both the moment and the personality of the people. You make me want to practice with my 50mm!

  2. These are simple wonderful!! I love to people watch and create little stories in my mind of what they're doing, but I'm not real brave at capturing them with my camera. You caught so many people at just the right moment to show their personalities.

  3. These are great shots - I love to 'people watch' :)
    It looks like you are having some lovely weather - it is so nice isn't it :)

  4. What gorgeous shots, I so love to people watch. Sarah x

  5. It takes a confident man to wear red trousers. :) Love the coordinating dog collar too! And all the bright bits of red in your various colour shots.

    What a sweet little baby peeking out of the carrier ... and I love the shadows (and reflections) in the last two photos.

  6. Fabulous wonderful...what a great photographer you impressed I could feel the scenes and the warm sunshine...brilliant Sandra really brilliant
    Hugs x

  7. These are all fascinating photo's Sandra. Good shot(s)! xxx

  8. These are beautiful. I especially love the expressions and interaction you've captured in the black and white shots. I'm always such a chicken when it comes to street photography. You've inspired me to brave up!

  9. These are great! I'm not brave enough to take photos like that... I'm way too shy to ask people's permission to either take or use a photo of them! Love the composition in the last photo!

  10. You are truly inspiring, Sandra, the way you embraced street photography with your 50 mm and went for it! You got some tremendous images. I love them all but I particularly enjoy the ones you did in black and white. Very classic and Bressonian!

  11. These are great images, Sandra, and it looks like it was a wonderful day to be outside with your camera!

  12. I like how you comment the pictures. You are so lucky to have a lake close by.

  13. I love how you're trying something new by venturing into street photography. It is fun to get glimpses of people in your town, just doing regular things. My favorite is the devoted Daddy with the older couple ind the background.

  14. You have captured some wonderful moments of real life - the moments that make life wonderful. Funny that most aren't about "doing" anything but just in "being" and especially connecting with others.

    1. Maybe the lakeside environment caught a lot of people just enjoying the moment. Except for the young man checking his cuffs in a suit, the other people are very much in the "being" - which is maybe why I chose these particular captures. I especially love the last one in the armchair where the young man is very much enjoying the here and now in a centred and contemplative manner.

  15. I thought you were going to say you were using a really long lens, because these are wonderful candid shots. I never have the confidence to shoot passers by from close to.

  16. wonderful candid moments
    nice that you feel closer to them through your images
    each one is a joy to see

    wishing you a cool breeze ~

  17. I love people watching too, but wouldn't be brave enough to photograph them!