Watery Reflections

What is it about reflections and water
which attracts me so?
This peaceful pond brings me a feeling of harmony.

The gentle colours of the early morning lighting,
and the presence of that bicycle against the railings,
really captured my attention.
Such a feeling of peace.
Living fairly close to a lake certainly allows me to contemplate the beauty
of watery reflections very often.
This one was taken on the French side of the lake.
I went out walking just as the sun was coming over the mountains
on the Swiss side.

The morning ferry created these beautiful rounded waves
which never quite broke, but rolled silently towards the shore
in undulating shades of blue
and I watched enraptured by their gentle, swelling movement.
It felt as if the water was breathing deep meditative breaths
to the gentle rhythm of life
and I felt my own breathing slowing to the same rhythm.

A little moor-hen glided over coloured ripples
unaware of the beauty she was creating.

Here is my magical spot
where I stood spell-bound for a very long time,
taking in the symbolism of the shimmering colours of the water
and thinking how much they resembled life itself.
A map of life
with delicate flowing hues
interspersed with darker shades and hidden depths and unknown territory.
I love those rocks which give a feeling of stability and strength
against the ever-changing colours and moods of the rippling water.


  1. Beautiful photographs Sandra. When I go to a lake in the lake district I always feel such peace. I read recently that we would benefit from waking and getting up at 4am to experience nature at its best. I've not managed that yet! Enjoy your day x

  2. Sandra, not only are your photographs gorgeous but you write beautifully too!

  3. You sure found some beautiful reflections, Sandra!

    I wish you a wonderful weekend.

  4. sehr schön!
    Lieben Gruß,*Manja*

  5. Once again your photos are filled with life and beauty, Sandra, and I too began to breathe more deeply as I gazed on your oh so blue water; then was reminded of Van Gogh style paintings whilst perusing the two following beautiful shots.
    Your lake is wonderful and it strikes me as rather special that two countries can share one lake! Ah you are very gifted my dear, both in photography and your beautiful writings - thank you for sharing them with us all! Have a wonderful weekend! xJoy

  6. Good morning Sandra . .. another lovely peaceful post and a great start to the day.

    Thank you my friend.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  7. such lovely words
    and images
    i paused thoughtless
    submerged in the beauty
    thank you
    so sorry to surprise you with my story

  8. Such beautiful reflections, in both senses of the word! I too get mesmerized by water reflections, and love sitting and watching the water at the lake. I always find it amazing, that something as simple as water can look so different at different times... It can take on different colors, and textures, and can move at differing speeds, and can even freeze when the time comes. It's this ever changing nature that reminds me not to fight change, and just go with the flow.
    Kate :}

  9. Such gorgeous light in these shots.

  10. Mesmerizing, Sandra. I feel your presence in each of these images.

  11. The combination of blue and green tones is so rejuvenating!

  12. Lovely photos. The last of these series is mesmerizing.

  13. I love reflections in water, and light bouncing off it, because it flows and is ever changing, even somehow when it's still, just as you say.

    Gorgeous images Sandra :)

  14. Wow, I travel with your pictures.
    I like it so much.