Capricious March


Blue skies and pink blossoms
is how I always imagine the beauty of springtime.

Such a soft shade of pink.

Yet the primoses are one of the first flowers to appear
I loved these growing out of a space in the wall.
All the lawns and grassy spots are dotted with them.

Tiny violets push through the earth
Such tender little flowers.

The buds on the Japanese Quince are starting to open

The golden daffodils sway in the wind.
I do like their back view, don't you?

My late afternoon walks often show me such pretty soft lighting
like this garden I passed in my neighbourhood.

On the way home, I admired the blue sky dappled with clouds
and noticed a bird's nest near the top.

For the first time this year, in fact since last summer, I visited my family
for the afternoon and evening in their home.
I made a collage of Miss Amy, the young family cat.
She has such soft fur and big round eyes and her mouth always looks as if it's smiling!

On the upper right of the collage, I took a picture of our supper.
We made mini pizza and then baked them in the Pizza oven on the table!

One morning, I went down to the lake to meet a friend.
It was a lovely day and we watched the tiny wavelets
break with a discreet whooshing sound on the pebbles.
Two swans were passing by and I did love the sparkles on the water.

Look at the beautiful trail the swan in the foreground is making in the water.

A magnificent Magnolia Tree was coming into bloom

The centres are amazing within a soft cloud of petals.

So many buds still to open

A two-tone Camellia on one of the many bushes

Just a few more blossom photos because the wind may have since blown the delicate petals away.

The bees are already busy with so much blossom to visit.

Wonderful stamen.

The month of March so far has been sunny and warm, windy and wet
and we even had a few snow flurries when the temperatures dropped.
I heard that it will be warmer next week and perfect for more walks in nature.
My favourite season of the year is the springtime.
What is yours?

I have finished the crochet project that I showed in my previous blog entry.
I decided to make a cushion cover.
I just need to purchase a slightly bigger cushion.

The collage from upper left to right:
- Creating the blossom from a circle into a square
- The finished side of the cushion cover
- Draped onto a cushion for effect
- The backside of the blossom pattern.

If anyone is interested in the pattern, it can be found 
with many other lovely patterns.

Remember to click on each photo to see it in full-screen size.


  1. Good afternoon Sandra . . .what a lovely display of photographs from your Spring so far. The Magnolia trees are JUST budding over here . . . not blossoming out yet. Lots of violets though. Yes, March has been a capricious month for weather, as you say! How lovely that you got to spend some time with your family.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

    1. Hello Sarn! I was so glad to see all the wonderful blossom and the superb Magnolia blooms before the change in the weather! Yes, it was great to see family again after so long!

  2. I think that Spring must be my favorite, because it is always the one I look most forward too. After a long cold winter spring brings with it hope and warmth. Both very good things. Your crochet work it beautiful and I can see how your lovely walks and photos are an inspiration. Wishing you a lovely day.
    Connie :)

    1. Hi Connie! So lovely to see you pop in. I was so happy to go for many walks to enjoy our early spring before a spell of cold weather set it! It will be warming up again next week and I'll be out in nature again and down to the lake!

      You like the spring season too! I prefer it to the summer when it often gets too hot!

  3. The colors of spring can't be beat! I think it is our reward for coming through a long cold winter. We have no flowers or flowering trees blooming here yet, so yours were a real treat today, Sandra... that pale pink is so special in the magnolia.

    I love the sweet kitty photos, too, and I'm sure it felt wonderful to visit your family again. I've never seen a cute little pizza oven like that one--were the pizzas tasty?

    Lovely crochet work, as always, Sandra--your colors perfectly reflect those in your pretty springtime photos. I hope you continue to enjoy some warm sunny weather for your long walks. Happy Spring! ♥

    1. Thank you, Carol! I'm glad that I was able to share our blossoms and flowers with you here.

      The pizzas were really good and it was fun to cook them on the table with the little pizza igloo!

      The crochet work kept me busy as I had a few hitches with the joining of the squares and the edging until I managed to do them to my liking! The end result is always worth the effort!

  4. Hello Sandra, what lovely pictures. Spring is much further at you. We have snow this morning. Brrr. But it should be better and warmer from next week on. Winter is not my favorite although I did winter sports, but this is centuries ago.
    Now I like the warm weather, not too hot and sunshine.
    The little kitty is sweet and I like the pizza oven.
    Have a wonderful weekend and keep on walking.

    1. Hello Gabi, so lovely to have you visit! Yes, our early spring has been wonderful, but then we got ten days of very changeable weather with some sunshine, lots of wind (so typical in March) and even some light snowfalls which melted very quickly. Now we have sunshine and wind, but next week we shall be going up to the double digits in temperature once again! It sounds as if your weather will be doing the same!

      You are like me, you like it warm, but not too hot. I think my favourite temperatures are between 20 and 24 Celsius!

      I hope you have a lovely weekend too!

  5. Blue skies and pink blossoms are a lovely combination.

    Miss Amy is cute, those eyes really stands out. That thing is a pizza oven? I wouldn't' think so.

    So many pretty flowers. Many lovely shots. Thank you for showing them.

    Have a lovely day.

    1. Thank you for your visit, lissa. It really is such a beautiful time of the year here in Switzerland! The blossom and flowers are breathtaking.

      It's amazing what can be made to prepare food, isn't it? That little igloo-shaped machine is indeed a mini-pizza oven! It was the first time that I had seen one too!

  6. Very nice pictures to remind us that the Spring is here!

    1. Hello Julien! How lovely to have you visit and leave a comment! Spring is exploding everywhere, every time I go out, I notice new flowers and blossoms and tiny green leaves starting to unfurl!

  7. Wow Sandra, spring is really earlier with you. We have still cold during nighttime but sunny days so far. Spring is a lovely time of the year. Enjoyed your "spring post" and the lovely crochet work !!

    1. Hello Lasse, yes spring came early with plenty of sunshine and warmth which made all the lovely flowers and blossom appear. Now we are just finishing a cooler spell with plenty of wind, a little rain and a sprinkling of spring snow! We shall be back in the double digits again next week!
      Lovely to have you come in a visit and say hello!

  8. We are in Spring in name only, so far. There is still a bit of snow at the end of the deck, and the ice is only halfway out on the pond. I love the way you coordinate the colors on your post. I'll bet you would be an awesome quilt designer. Wishing you the best from Maine.

    1. Well Sandy, we have also gone through a colder spell, with strong gusts of north-easterly winds, a little rain and even some snow flurries, but we have also had lots of sunshine, despite the colder temperatures. This week, the warmth is returning and it will encourage more beautiful flowers and blossoms to bloom. I hope your weather will also start to feel more springlike very soon too!

      Colour is so important, isn't it? We can make our homes joyful in the winter months and play with pastels in the spring. I've always admired people who can make beautiful quilts, but have never tried myself!

  9. Yes dearest a capricious and cold March even if with a few days of early spring. The flowers around you are very beautiful and the lake is gorgeous. As regards to me , here around I can see little muscari. I like them very, very much. Do you like muscari Sandra?
    Your crochet project is very nice too. I like also cross stitch.
    Hugs & kisses,

    1. Hello Miriam! I do like the little blue muscari flowers very much!
      So lovely to have you visit! Cross-stitch pieces are just lovely and I used to do a lot which were mostly given away as presents for birthdays to friends and family. These days I really enjoy making things in crochet!

  10. Your spring is just ahead of ours I think. You've captured the soft colors of spring so beautifully. One bad thing about spring is that it usually comes with brisk winds which cause the delicate blossoms to fall to the ground. I love the picture of the swan trail. When swans are in a hurry, they can move very quickly. So very glad you were able to be with family. I have about a week and a half before I feel free to meet closely with anyone. Of course, masks and still required!

    1. Lovely to see you, Cathy! Early spring has been so beautiful and now the wind has dropped, I'm looking forward to getting out and about again!

      I only got together with family two weeks after my second shot, Cathy. If I see a friend, it's because we're both vaccinated or if a Covid test is negative. We still all wear masks around other people.

  11. I forgot to add that your pillow turned out nicely! I love how sweet the flowers are!

    1. Thank you very much! Now I need to do the other side of the cushion colour. I shall do a different colour scheme!

  12. Your photographs are absolutely stunning Sandra! It is wonderful to see all those spring flowers bursting into bloom. Here in north Texas we are having warm days and the plants are beginning to come to life again, although many really suffered badly from the February freeze and may have to be replaced.

    The crochet is beautiful, I love the design with the little flowers.


    1. Hello Christine! So glad you were able to enjoy so many of our spring flowers here! We did have a cooler spell too with night frosts, but now we're up in the double digits again!

      Now I need to make the second side of the crochet cushion! I will do a different colour scheme!