A Morning in London

breakfast at the hotel can be a  tad boring
let me take you to Le Pain Quotidien!
The name of this restaurant means "The Daily Bread".
It's set out informally and has gorgeous scrubbed pine tables.
My favourite table is the very long one in the middle
with plenty of room to stretch out and even chat with other people.
they have free wifi and I was able to write a few emails
and look up theatres and concerts to go to in the city.

I love the atmosphere
and it's a great meeting place.

This one is in High Holborn and near where I like to stay in London.
It was still empty at this early hour
and a few people were waiting for the door to open
to enjoy breakfast.
Here is a brief story of the bakery and restaurant
and its founder.

The next stop is Covent Garden
There's always something happening here
including free concerts.
Lots of lovely boutiques to browse too.

You can stand at the railings or go downstairs
and sit at a table with something to drink.
First there was an opera singer performing.

My favourite was a string quartet
playing classical music pieces.
Don't you love the little boy?
He was playing his own violin made out of two small pieces of wood.
and he imitated every movement of the musicians.
A basket was passed round and we were able to show
our appreciation and even buy a CD.

It was time to visit a park.
Here is a fountain at Regent's Park

and some lovely pink blossom on a flowering chestnut tree.
Another lovely day in London.
There are so many things to do that I can never do them all
that's just the best excuse in the world to go back there again!


  1. I recognized Covent Garden right away. Happy to see it still looks the same.

  2. What a beautiful place to be, Sandra, and it looks like you had some really wonderful weather!

  3. Oh, I love London, and hope very much to get back there again. We saw a wonderful string quartet at Covent Garden once - they danced as they played and were quite amazing.

    Le Pain Quotidien sounds delicious. :)

  4. Hello Sandra, enjoy your stay in England ! I will be saying hello to your swiss lake tomorrow, pity you are not there, we could have had a cup of coffee :-) barbara
    I will also go to england in less than two weeks, but on the coast, Brighton and Swanage...so beautiful time for both of us :-)

  5. I love all your fine images of a great time in England. I can just taste that bread and hear the music. Sound like a joyful experience.

  6. Dear Sandra,

    This is a beautiful place to visit! I love taking a great breakfast in a comforting place.

    See you soon!


  7. Ah your choice of place to breakfast is very lovely Sandra, so fresh and bright and obviously serves up beautiful breads! Covent Garden looks like a great place to while away the time and I also love that little boy - how cute is he! You captured the fountain and chestnut tree blossoms so well - those blooms are wonderful. Thank you! Joy x

  8. What a wonderful morning in London that you shared with us! I've been to the Pain Quotidien in Washington D.C. -- delightful breakfasts. Covent Garden looks like a fun place to visit, with the musicians and cute shops. And the park is so lovely. Thanks for taking us along.

  9. London certainly looks lovely through your eyes Sandra. Thank you for sharing these gorgeous posts.
    Jacquie x

  10. Delightful photos as always Sandra. So pleased you enjoyed your stay in London. xxx

  11. Ah to be in London again ~ has been ions ...
    thanks for the share and the nostalgia .

  12. What a beautiful morning! Love the little boy playing along!
    Kate :}

  13. I love when you take us on a journey with you. That breakfast place sure looks attractive to me. Someday, London.

  14. What lovely shots of London - and breakfast!

  15. What a perfectly lovely day! After looking at all these gorgeous images of all these interesting spots, I believe I could be very happy in London!

  16. Oh it looks just wonderful!!!! I'm going back in July again - can't wait!!

  17. I'm feeling the need of an excuse to go to London to, to have breakfast in Le Pain Quotidien!

    I never seem to get to the capital any more, something I must remedy soon.

  18. a lovely post
    full of beautiful memories
    and photographs
    and yummy food
    and yes, as you tell about the little boy, he is wonderful

    sweet weekend to you!

  19. Hello Sandra ... just found your blog and went on a lovely stroll through London with you ... a world away from where we live ... look forward to reading more about your journeys :-) xxx Simone

  20. Hi Sandra, loved the tour, and especially the little boy's violin imitation. Who needs an excuse? I'd go back there in a flash!

  21. Makes me long for London! Thanks for the tour, Sandra....felt like I was visiting along with you. Must have been a wonderful vacation!

  22. So beautiful! Love the live musicians! It's wonderful to visit London through you're eyes. I'm sure I'll never get there.

  23. A beautiful story about life in London. Thanks for the tip of restaurant, and the boy is gorgeous! London is only 1,5 h with fly from Gothenburg so we go there somtime.
    Best wishes !

  24. A beautiful glimpse of my adopted city Sandra. I can walk up to Regent's Park from work at lunchtime! Hope to see you here sometime : )

  25. Simply gorgeous photographs, showing us London at its very best!