Could this be Summer?

These colours
touch my heart

Lime green and powder blue

A perfect leaf

and delicate shades of pink and mauve

The dappled sunlight
invites me to sit and read awhile
Next to this year's beautiful blue hydrangea.

Peppermint tea and a cloth outside on my balcony...
Could this be summer?


  1. Looks like Summer to me! Cheers!
    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  2. Gorgeous shots - looks very much like summer!

  3. I do believe it is, Sandra, and it's so very welcome!
    Your hydrangeas are absolutely gorgeous.
    Such amazingly vibrant colors.

    Happy day to you!

  4. Oh yes, if this is summer then please may I have some - absolutely wonderful shots Sandra and beautiful inspiration for yarn and fabric choices! Enjoy summer and reading on your balcony. xoJoy

  5. oh I just love these summery colors! glorious!

  6. Love, love, love!.

  7. Oh, it's a beautiful summer, too! I've never had a hydrangea bush, I have to borrow my Mom's for photography! The have such gorgeous blooms! I love your spot to rest and have peppermint tea! Wish I could join you!

  8. Thank you for this beautiful symphony of my favorite colours too! I just planted three hydrangeas in a new garden bed. It will be a while before they flower so I will enjoy yours until then.

  9. Sounds like good summer to me!

  10. they touch my heart too!
    so lovely
    like a sweet kiss from summer

    sweet days and nights to you ~

  11. Such lovely and calming colors! Looks like you're enjoying some lovely summer sunlight!
    Kate :}

  12. Fabulous muted colors on your hydrangea! That table cloth definitely says summer. I see you're reading Cider with Rosie - I looked it up on the Kindle. Are you liking it? I backtracked through your London photos. You've been having adventures. Enjoy your summer, Sandra. I'm in Breckenridge. Finally, the snow has melted from my garden, but I still encounter some hiking the upper trails. We have Sam with us this weekend while his family goes camping.

  13. Two of my favourite colours together too. A gorgeous summer you seem to be having.