Connection and Touching Essence through Photography

Frothy wavelet on the beach.
I could gaze at images like this and never tire of them.
They have a peaceful and contemplative quality.

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about what sort of images I'm attracted to.
Behind each picture taken, there is an emotion, a story and a part of me.
How could it be otherwise?
The connection between photograph and photographer is intense.
Sometimes it's subtle and other times it takes my breath away.

The heart of a flower and delicate petals are forever pulling me in.
I can never resist their eternal beauty.
Here I feel the essence of the rose.

Everyday images of fruit on a plate
 which delight my eyes in colour and shapes and composition and,
right after the photo, those apricots delighted my taste-buds!

A jug of full-blown flowers
already dropping a few petals on the kitchen table.

I am particularly attracted to water and reflections
and soft varying shades of blue.
Meditative images like these bring me feelings of serenity.

Do you feel lulled by this gentle wave and the delicate swell of water?
Me too!

Images that tell me stories create words which come tumbling into my head.
Here are some of my favourite ones:

This one touches me particularly because it depicts my grandson conducting the melody
and changing patterns of the water fountains.
Look at the posting here: Water Music

I observed this bird at the end of the day
 and was mesmerized by the simplicity of the silhouetted image
and held spellbound by the beauty of the blackbird's song.
See the other images and the words here: "If I were a bird".

Another early evening capture in the park with a hazy moon.
You can read more about this with the little story entitled:

This last image represents my needs in life.
The large expanse of water shows my need for a certain amount
of space and freedom.
It invites me to be adventurous and to discover new horizons.
I also know that I need some sort of anchor which grounds me and is reassuring.
There is a sturdy railing to hold onto, should I need it, but it doesn't close me in.
The coiled rope is there in case of necessity.
The water, in different shades of blue, represents the dreamy side of my nature
and the railings and rope keep me in the reality of life.

This is part of my photographic journey.
It is who I am now, on the never-ending path of discovery and new openings.
Nothing stands still,
our lives move gently towards our own personal destiny
and on the way, we learn and evolve.

This post is connected to an interview I did with Kim Manley Ort 
and she has kindly posted about it here:

I have done several workshops with Kim
Check out her website

Kim's workshops allow me to express myself in a way which help
develop my photography.
I have learnt to be more daring, to try out new subjects and to see new points of view.


  1. A beautiful series of images, Sandra, and a wonderfully thoughtful post.

  2. Your beautiful post today has been a real lesson for me, just what I needed and was looking for, Sandra - thank you for giving me the nudge needed to step out and 'do'; and thank you also for the link to your very interesting and informative interview with Kim, as well as the opportunities offered there. Joyx

  3. A wonderful series of shots - and I love how you describe the metaphors of photography. I feel the same way too.

  4. Pictures that touch the soul
    Have a nice summer

  5. I love your photos but the words that you use to express the feelings and ideas are wonderful also. So much that you say echoes in me. Thanks for sharing your world!

  6. Once again you are a very talented photographer and writer. Very well done...I love the pink!

  7. Such a lovely interview with Kim. I loved your answer and can see them reflected in your photography.

  8. A lovely calming and reflective post, as always, from you Sandra . . . Thank you xxx

  9. Beautiful post, Sandra. I've always been able to feel your connection to your photos! They are peaceful and calming! Wonderful interview with Kim!

  10. Sandra ~ I enjoyed your interview w/ Kim and thoughts here. Your images and creative eye continue to move forward and inspire! Glad to call you a friend, too :)

  11. such a lovely strand of photos
    clean, inspiring, like a breath of refined air
    or a sip of crystal pure water
    you are lovely Sandra

  12. Sandra, your photos and words paint lovely images and touch my heart! I just discovered your blog from Susan's blog today. I'll visit often! ♡Dawn

  13. Such a lovely series, Sandra. I'm especially attracted to those beautiful summery blues! Isn't it amazing how we evolve and change through our photography. I'm off to read your interview now!

  14. What a beautiful series of pictures - somehow the blooms in the jug are the most beautiful to me!

  15. Sandra you´re a master ! Such a wonderful post!!

  16. Dear Sandra, thank you for such a beautiful and inspiring posting. I see in your work the direction that I want to pursue with my photography. Creating a story and sharing of the self are, for me, an integral part of the art that I appreciate.

  17. I loved this contemplative post Sandra! I enjoyed reading your interview too! Congratulations on being featured! I absolutely love that photo of the flowers in the jug; the colors and the composition are just beautiful. I couldn't stop looking at the perfect simplicity of it!
    Kate :}

  18. What a beautiful post, Sandra! How wonderful to find images that express your connections through photography. I love your interpretation of the last image -- space for freedom and an anchor for security. We all need both, I think. Being attracted to orange and loving apricots, I adore your fruit photo. Congrats on being featured, you deserve it!

  19. Sandra, like others I followed you over from Kim's interview with you, and I'm so glad I did. Thank you for the way you share of yourself in word and image so freely. The last image above resonated particularly since I know I'm very bad at 'reading' my own images in this way, so thank you for showing how it can be done so brilliantly!