London 2019 - Covent Garden

Something colourful to start with this last blog entry on London this year.
Our hotel is so nicely placed out of the centre, yet so close to get to
our favourite haunts, like Covent Garden.

I like to visit Neale's Yard and especially this lovely place to stock up on some
natural oils and creams.

There are many decorated pubs with fabulous hanging baskets of flowers.

Looking up!

There's always some kind of animation going on in Covent Garden
the fascinated crowds are drawn in to watch.

This is the covered area with small shops and places to eat and drink and free concerts.

Hanging baskets adorn the streets

One building is cleverly decorated in climbing plants

A classical building in a street called
King Street.

One of our favourite stops: Paul's boulangerie and patisserie.
They serve good coffee and different kinds of French bread
and some of the cakes and tarts are very tempting.
Our favourite is apple tart topped with a sprinkling of almond flakes.

We took quite a long walk on foot to visit the Museum of London
and I did enjoy the lovely reflections in the modern buildings on the way.

We passed these two men practicing their climbing skills on a high building.
Rather an unexpected scene to see!

One evening we went to the theatre to see the musical "The Phantom of the Opera"
with wonderful music by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

When you visit London, going to the theatre is a must!

I love walking through the small gardens dotted around London
and seeing the colourful seasonal flowers in bloom.

Two girls chatting in the grass behind some flowers which served to protect
their privacy.

The window in my hotel room. I always appreciate being on the garden side of the building
This was taken early morning after the sun started to filter between the leaves
of the trees and the morning breeze blew the sheer curtains back and forth, 
creating a feeling of peace.

This is the end of my time in England this year.

Next time, I'll talk about the month of August in which I participated in
30 Days of Composition.
Such fun to do!


  1. So many lovely photos! I've never visited London in the summer; how beautiful the buildings look with all those hanging flowers. The climbing plants are very striking.

    I thought for a moment that the two climbers were window-cleaners! :D

    1. Hello Sue! I think that London is fun at any time of the year! Yes, there are lots of beautiful plants everywhere and all the gardens dotted around are lovely to sit in for a moment's peace after the hustle and bustle! Those two climbers could have been window cleaners! It was fun to suddenly come across them high up in that building!
      Thank you for your visit!

  2. Another superb set of photographs showing the city in all its finery. Thanks for

  3. There's nothing quite like London for a visit! Thanks, Sarn, for always popping in now that blogs seem to be replaced by Instagram and Facebook constant chatter!!

  4. Oh how lovely. Beautiful travel photos Sandra!

    1. How lovely to see you, Astri! Yes, I needed three blog entries to talk about my lovely time in England this year. I hadn't been back for several years!

  5. What lovely pics of London.

    It's been far too long since I was there. But sadly, it's at the bottom of our long list because we have both been there and we have too many places to see for the first time.

    1. Thank you! London is very special and I don't mind how many times I go! I guess I love going there so much because England is my home country!

  6. Thank you for sharing your travels. I love seeing the Cotswolds, but London has its own charm too. So many beautiful places, so much to see and do! The size of London feels like it would be overwhelming, but it looks like each area has it’s own character. I think I would like to visit someday.

    1. Any big city probably feels overwhelming to any visitors, but London is made up of many different areas and neighbourhoods which vary in size and style and it's true that all these places have their own special character. "The city of London was actually founded less than 2000 years' ago. Yet for at least half a million years before the Thames valley was home to nomadic groups of hunters and gatherers, and later to more settled communities of herders and farmers." This is an excerpt from an excellent book of the history of London which I bought at the Museum of London.
      This city is a really interesting and diverse place to visit!

  7. Outstanding photos, Sandra! I love the many ways plants and flowers are used to decorate the buildings! Also love the photo where you took the two girls chatting, such a great perspective! You trip to London has been enjoyable for me, since you shared such wonderful photos. Thank you!! Looking forward to composition post!

    1. Thanks, Cathy. I'm glad you enjoyed coming along with me to visit some parts of London. I love visiting favourite places and discovering new ones!

  8. Love this post Sandra! I have London on my bucket list and hope to get there in the future. Thanks for sharing!

    1. So glad you liked this post on London. It's such an interesting city to visit and there are plenty of gardens too in which to walk and enjoy some peace when needed! Thanks so much for your visit!

  9. So sorry to be so late with my comments on this post, Sandra. We were in the beautiful Colorado mountains for a week when you posted this. It looks like you had a fabulous trip to London (with good weather!) and I thoroughly enjoyed your photos--especially the one of the young girls chatting :) We saw Phantom of the Opera in Toronto Canada (we are about 4 hours from there driving) and I so enjoyed it. My sons were all quite young then and they were just as captivated. Needless to say the CD is still played on occasion here at home--such haunting music. Thanks so much for sharing your lovely photos of Covent Garden!

    1. So glad you enjoyed this second posting of my time in London this year. It sounds as if you've had a marvellous time in the lovely Colorado mountains!