"You are more beautiful than you think": London

Busy streets
People everywhere
Hustling and bustling as they rush by.
Let's slow down and look around
What can we see?

Aren't you glad you stopped?
Isn't this fun?

Where can it be?
Here's a clue in the name of a street,
but you'll need a mirror!

"You're beautiful from every angle"
They didn't tell me it was a deforming mirror!
The caption is very misleading...

See, I did warn you, but you had to try it for yourself, didn't you?

and it's all in the smile!

That red double-decker certainly looks good

especially with a touch of overhanging green.

Here's the whole picture
Are you enjoying yourself?
I like the reflection of the girl on the left, you can tell she's 
feeling beautiful.
Did you know that smiling increases your beauty by 100%?

Here's the store with the window display

Here's another clue

with elegance from another era...

A must-stop on every visit to London!

"When was the last time you smiled back?"
Try it
and the world will smile back at you!


  1. So true - almost everyone responses well to a smile - and we can't help smiling when we're in London! don't you just LOVE Selfridges - I didn't make it to London last time as I was in the country so I'm SO enjoying tagging along on your travels!

  2. Such fun reflection photos!! They certainly made me smile!
    Kate :}

  3. I spy Sandra! What fun -- I love these reflections, especially the one with the double decker bus. The buildings themselves are beautiful, of course. The clock with the angel is a visual treat. How great to have smile campaign -- It looks like London is working on creating a happier city. Is it working?

  4. Isn't it amazing what you see, when you just take the time to notice??
    These are great, Sandra.

  5. Great post, it was so fun looking at things through the mirrors.

  6. I often go around with a smile on my face . . . people probably think I'm "simple" but I don't mind! Thanks for the unusual view of London.

    Happy Friday to you.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  7. Fascinating reflections! This just makes me smile!

  8. Very fun and creative post, Sandra! A wonderful group of reflections! I've been soaking up some city reflections today too. Smiling back at you :)

  9. Beautiful post! And those reflection images are magical, plus technically you've totally nailed them. I'm smiling :)

  10. Another wonder-filled post Sandra, you are so clever with your camera! And I do agree with the message behind all those wonderful reflections and distorted views, thank you!
    Joy x

  11. What great shots - London is beautiful!

  12. Oh man, you are have such amazing perception, Sandra. You continue to astonish me. These are brilliant!

  13. I just had so much fun visiting London with you, Sandra! So wonderful seeing the city through your eyes and lens! Fantastic images all!

  14. such a wonderful journey you have shared with us
    your photos are fun
    and i so enjoyed the smile and beauty theme
    so simple and powerful

  15. You have seen and captured some amazing images.. Just to see them all . Gorgeous.

  16. Ooooo, I was there a little while ago, I LOVE Selfridges! I've just read your two posts on your London trip and all I kept saying was 'we stood there!', 'we did that', 'we need to get back in the next couple of weeks'. It looks as though you had a lot brighter day than we did though. Glad you have enjoyed my home town xx

  17. How did I miss this one? Sandra, you know I love these whimsical reflections! You are a master at seeing.

  18. I recognise this! Here's an Instagram of mine from that same period: http://instagram.com/p/oDvFIbhKlx/?modal=true

  19. My, what an amazing collection of photographs. Fascinating and intriguing, both. You are one clever lady!