Creating Space

A new year
with new ideas!

After spending the whole month of December
photographing simplicity

I realized the need
to create more space
in my home, in myself and in my life!

It can start so simply

and as a reminder,
I embroidered my chosen word for this year:

S I M P L I F Y!

What about you?
Have you been thinking about new ideas
for your own life this year?


  1. Another lovely calming post. I always TRY to practice the KISS philosophy (Keep It Simple Stupid!) . . . doesn't always work out . . . but I TRY! I'm on a cleaning and clearing frenzy before going back to work tomorrow!

    Happy New Year to you xxx

  2. How lovely. I adore your word and your embroidery is beautiful. Lovely set of images. Happy new year to you. :)

  3. I love your embroidery - I have lots of ideas for the year but I am taking it steady, slow and simple x

  4. Sehr schöne Bilder.
    Alles Liebe, für 2014!

  5. Creating space is such an important part of simplifying, isn't it? Loved seeing these images again, Sandra - many of my favourites.

  6. A word full of possibility, Sandra!
    I love your embroidery too.
    Wishing you all wonderful things in the New Year.

  7. How great that you made yourself a lovely embroidered sign to remind you of your intention!
    My fave image here is the marble, surrounded by all the empty space. That's what we need -- paring down to the essentials and leaving lots of space for rest and renewal.

  8. Sandra - I just love the colors, textures, and lines of the marble shot. You and I will walk hand and hand to try and simplify. Smack me if I buy anything I don't need. Happy 2014!

  9. Hi Happy New Year...feeling relieved finished the last S. Design at 8 this morning now I can play again for a few days then back to the next project.
    Loving the new photos, and your x stitch...very pretty. Enjoy your day tomorrow.
    Have fun hugs x

  10. Yep, I see some simplicity in my life/home this year too! Happy New Year and ideas!

  11. So simple yet lovely!

  12. Simply lovely! You are a very talented woman with your photography, your crocheting and your beautiful embroidery! You have chosen a wonderful word for the year, I strive for simplicity too. Last year, my word was "mindfulness" and I have decided to keep it this year too. At my age I feel a stronger need to appreciate each and every moment.

  13. Wonderful word! Looking for simple things to photography this past month has had me thinking a lot of simplifying my home and life. It really made an impact on me! I'll be looking forward to more of your "simply" beautiful images!

  14. Beautiful idea! I might do this with my own theme of 2014, Giving. Love what you're doing here!

  15. Great idea! I love your simple images, the rose in perfect focus against a blurred vase, the single marble, and most of all, the dancing leaves against a blue sky, that convey motion even in stillness.
    I think I'll take your advice and start working on those stacks of papers I ignored over Christmas. Hope you're having a good new year!

  16. Happy New Year Sandra, what fun pictures and idea.

    Hugs diane

  17. Happy New Year to you Sandra, I hope you really enjoyed the festive period :))
    Simplicity is a great word. I've never really thought of making a word for the year, maybe I should try it.
    You have a lovely set of pictures here - I really love the one with the marble, so clear and sharp.

  18. hello dear woman,
    your photos which overflow with grace and simplicity for me, are a joy to see.
    i love that you have chosen this word, through you i also will be influenced and inspired.
    i have indeed been considering this year, considering a companion word, have not settled on one, but the journey of consideration has touched me deeply and inspired shifts of direction.

    i wish you a beautiful 2014, one that feels wonderful to you.

  19. Sandra ~ sounds like a wonderful guiding word for 2014! I'm sure that it will take you to marvelously peaceful places. Looking forward to seeing how it alters you year.
    Talk soon :)

  20. Lovely! And I love the idea of picking a word for the year... I think I really need to think on this! I look forward to seeing how your word of the year will be reflected in your photos and posts!
    Kate :}

  21. Beautiful images as always Sandra :)

    I seem to have more ideas for 2014 than I could possibly fit in, maybe my word should be something cautionary!

    Have a wonderful 2014 Sandra, here's hoping it brings you all the space and simplicity you seek x