The Sound of Silence

A candle flickers
 on my work table

A crochet hook
in a silent, repetitious rhythm

and curtain shadows
dance on the walls
in rays of sun

The window handle
sits in a froth of  net curtains
There is stillness
and quiet contemplation.

No music, no television blaring, no one talking
Just listening to the sound of silence
and bathing in its velvety fullness
creating harmony and plenitude.

Crochet pattern here


  1. Very nice photographed Sandra.....i like these curtain shadows.

    Greetings and a nice evening, Joop

  2. I think the sounds of silence are just wonderful!
    This is a beautiful series, Sandra.

  3. Sandra,

    I love observe the curtain shadows dancing on the walls, like a mistery!

    Happy 2014!


  4. Sounds and looks like paradise to me! I love my solitude!

  5. Sandra, I enjoy your vision and perspective in these contemplative photos. I recently read an essay on silence which the author said is not the absence of sound but the absence of noise. Silence may be filled with soothing sounds that weave into the background and allow us to experience calm.

  6. Such a peaceful post! Lovely. xxx

  7. A beautifully worded post as always Sandra, cut mats too. We have been listening to the radio more this year, turning the TV off whe there isn't anything on worth watching, which is often at the moment. xx

  8. ooops!..cute mats I definitely need a new laptop lol X

  9. Such lovely and serene photos.

  10. Beautiful captures to illustrate of the sounds of silence...Your post could have been mind yesterday except I was knitting instead of crocheting.....

  11. Came across your blog from following Kim Ort and I really like your words and feel the calm.

    I would love to follow you . I read one of your quotes and that is why I came by. It spoke volumes to me. Thank you.

  12. Oh golden silence! it is so precious!
    Mary x

  13. reading your words
    taking to heart your images
    and i feel soothed

  14. You've captured the peace in your images. It sounds like 2014 has got off to a serene start. Wishing you all the best for the year ahead.

  15. How lovely to capture silence in your images -- well done, Sandra! The crochet hook is so pretty with the contrasting yarn. Sounds like you're enjoying some peaceful times.

  16. I love the soft candle image...beautiful POV! You've done a beautiful job of capturing silence.

  17. Lovely quiet! And lovely crochet work!
    Hope you're having a great week!
    Kate :}