Beyond the golden mist

As often as I can,
I leave the confines of the town
to get out into the country.
Yesterday, I was greeted by a golden  mist!

The surrounding fields and hills and mountains
were hidden from view.
Yet the sun, which was so close,
gave a lovely golden glow to everything.

The snow barriers are still up,
but so far this winter, they have just received sunshine and a little night frost!

A farm comes into view
and I like the pictures that the sun and mist are painting.
I enjoy them just as they are
without wanting to see beyond.

So it is in life,
I sometimes put up protective barriers
 for things that never happen.
I want to see clear pictures
of what lies ahead
I like to feel reassured.

Yet somehow,
the mist told me
All is well
and just as it should be
and I could tell that the hazy views
were filled with sunshine just waiting to come through.

when we can't see clearly
it's good just to wait
and be with that moment
until the whole picture comes into view!


  1. I am enjoying your blog, and your words!

  2. Once again your beautiful way with words really resonates with me Sandra, and your pictures are glorious! And perhaps sometimes it's much better that we didn't know what was beyond . . . . whatever . . . . perhaps we needed a little more time to be ready . . . . .
    Thank you! Joy x

  3. I wholeheartedly agree with you, Sandra, and these photographs are wonderful.
    They make me think of a spring day. :-)

  4. I love the places you walk, and your words. They are somehow comforting. And you are so right! xxoo. JO

  5. Oh so beautiful! You have such a wonderful way with words that encourages me every time I come here! Thank you!

  6. Such softness, warmth and simplicity. So serene and calm and yet assured. There is a place for mist and a place for clarity -- like everything else. We are asked to accept and find places for all of it! inspiring, Sandra.

  7. Wise words in your post today, Sandra. I love this series, especially the farm peeking through the mist -- so lovely!

  8. Sandra, that golden light is so beautiful, and I love how the mist simplifies things. I like the life lesson you've pictured, as well.

  9. Wow - that golden mist, those shots - are spectacular!

  10. Beautiful photos - isn't there a golden hour photographers talk about some after sunrise and just before sunset? it looks like you found the precious golden hours here. Difficult not to put protective barriers up in our lives - I suppose the trick is not to put up too many!
    Mary x
    ps SO glad the soup worked out:)

  11. So pretty!! I especially love the first and second photos! Love the mist talk as well! Funny how we wrote about similar things this week!! I agree; sometimes it's ok not to see the whole picture or all the details, but instead it's better to be patient and push on, and keep an attitude that the sun will come through and all will work out!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Kate :}

  12. Amazing bit of light you were treated to, Sandra!!! Reminds me of autumn light. My favorite image is definitely the second. Such a beautiful, simple design with the horizontals playing into the peaceful mood and warm illumination. Truly lovely! Reminds me of an Impressionist painting.
    Wishing you more great light and warm weather :)

  13. I can not even tell you have much peace and a hugh Yes to your words of where we should be at this time in our life .. just as it is be.. now to stand back and let it Whisper...Outstanding and your photos took my breath away . So happy I found you .

  14. What a lovely post! Inner peace is there for the taking. Look within. Aloha

  15. Wise words and beautiful misty images! Love the golden light in each hope that all will become clear soon!

  16. What a great post, Sandra! How did I miss it? You truly DID have golden mist! Your words ring so true - look at the gifts the fog brought to you and now to us.

  17. Your images are so calming and peaceful with that elegant golden mist.