Once Upon a Midnight Blue

Little children gather round
Snuggle up without a sound
Look above at the sky so blue
Telling stories for me and you!

See the delicate silhouettes

and the branches
 drawing lines across the sky
waiting for the notes to play them.

The pine trees tingle in anticipation

and the atmosphere intensifies!

The scene is set
Let the story begin!

"Once upon a midnight blue..."


  1. Great story-telling with your lens. It's amazing how a different angle, and zooming in or out, can change the mood sometimes quite dramatically.

    A lovely selection -- I am especially drawn to the third one. I found rhythm tricky to grasp when we studied it with Kim, but I think that is what you have here.

  2. ganz tolle Fotos!
    LG und eine gute Woche,*Manja*

  3. Lovely moonphoto. Shine so brightly and nice on the blue heaven!

  4. Beautiful silhouettes against the magical blue sky, Sandra. I love your first image, with the moon cradled in the branches of the tree, and the bird seems to be looking at it. Wonderful capture!

  5. quite lovely
    wonderfully soothing
    a joy to my eyes
    and words that make me lean in to listen

  6. You've surely set the moonlit scene, Sandra. Those lacy branches in the last photo are capturing the Moon and captivating me.

  7. Wonderful atmosphere in these photos!

  8. Wonderful post Sandra, you find the right atmosphere to coop with your words. Great !

  9. Sandra, you are a master at words! I love how you capture me from the very first line and how your images enhance the poetry! I love to visit here!

  10. You have created such a magical and anticipatory mood here Sandra with your choice of words, blue tones and silhouettes of tree branches and birds. I am mesmerized...don't forget to let me know when the story continues ;-)

  11. Blue and black are one of my favourite combinations, Sandra. What an amazing set of images, especially the last one. Thanks for sharing them with your beautiful words.

  12. What a beautiful combination of your gifts of writing and photography....Looking forward to the rest of the story....

  13. Breathtaking photography Sandra. Somewhat mysterious. ;-)

  14. How magical! A rhapsody in blue!

  15. Stunning shots Sandra, I just love those branches against the blue sky :)
    I also wanted to say the pictures in your previous post are glorious too, that early morning mist is amazing and you captured in wonderfully. Hope you are well Sandra :)

  16. This beautiful post has brought wonderful shivers to me Sandra - beautiful combination of words and pics - thank you! Joy x

  17. Absolutely beautiful photos Sandra - such gorgeous colors
    Mary x

  18. Stunning as always Sandra...did you actually take them at midnight?
    Hugs x

  19. In love with it all and want more more.. Sandra it is so wonderful.

  20. I especially like the first image. These are one of my favorite subjects to shoot - the chaos of nature in trees.

  21. I am lost for words! What an amazing thing to do: setting the scene...

    1. I fell into my own story, didn't I? The sky and the trees were such an inspiration and the moon cast its magic and the bird wanted to be in the introduction - and I agreed!