Winter Sunsets

That time of day
when a changing winter's sky
warms our hearts
and colours the moment
in pink and gold
and the trees stand quiet to admire the show

when birds soar high above
and mountains dress themselves in beguiling mist
and the lake takes on an inner glow

Time stands still
when we are in the moment
when we let the joy in.


  1. Nice words and very good pictures.....i like these war colors Sandra.

    Wish you a lovely week.

    Hugs, Joop

  2. What a gorgeous view. Skies like this remind us what a beautiful world it is out there, if we just look up. I especially like the balanced feel and silhouette in the last one.

  3. "Beguiling mist" - love that!

    Don't these winter sunsets make you want to stand and stare and soak yourself in colour? They do me. Even as they darken and the colour drains away the beauty remains.

    Thank you for the photos and words. :)

  4. There is something very special about winter sunsets, and you have so nicely shown that here, Sandra. I especially love composition of the third one.
    Happy day to you!

  5. Sandra, you have such a special way of sharing your thoughts with us! I truly love to visit your blog. Everytime I come, I leave with such a peaceful feeling! Beautiful images of a gorgeous sunset. My favorite is the last one with the fence in the foreground; beautifully composed!

  6. Sublime captures, Sandra -- beautifully complemented by your gentle thoughts. I love the last one with the wonderful Rilke quote especially.

  7. i love it when time stands still
    lost in the moment
    that is all there is
    i do believe that is the best

    thank you for your lovely photographs of grace in life
    your inspiring perceptions
    and sharing in such a heartful way

  8. Oh my goodness, those photos are incredible!! I couldn't stop staring at them, they're so calming and pleasing to the eye! I also love how the three photos have very similar compositions too. Was that on purpose? (Love your words and the quote as well!)
    Kate :}

  9. Beautiful sunsets, Sandra! I love the quiet mystery of the lake image. The last one, with the fence leading us to the mountains, is so lovely. Your words are inspiring too --" time stands still......when we let the joy in". A good reminder to look for the beauty around us.

  10. Hi Sandra

    Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.

    Sarn xxx

  11. You have a very beautiful photos!

  12. Beautiful flow to your words and images, Sandra!!! I agree, winter sunsets do add an element of warm loveliness to the often cold, colorless starkness of the season.
    Have fun. Will talk soon,
    xo A

  13. Beautiful and stunning pictures with inspiring words Sandra.

  14. Beautiful images Sandra, I love those trees silhoueted and those beautiful mountains. Mother Nature sure does give us lovely things to look at :)

  15. Beautiful images, love the colours. Great Rilke quote too.

  16. Beautiful words and images Sandra

    Have a great week
    and I hope that March will be a good month for you.

    Fiona ♥

  17. Your images and poignant words speak to our souls. Thanks so much for commenting on my recent postings (I sent a message back to you on my recent post that you commented on).