Between Sunrise and Sunset

In-between two bouts of heatwave, it was decided to have an overnight stay by the lake.
The sunrise sky was so beautiful in the early morning.
We went out walking at 5.45 am in the delicious freshness of that time of day.
The street lamps were still lit.

A swan was enjoying this marvellous moment of the day as much as I was.

The rising sun hit the landing stage and created beautiful reflections.

A bit later in the morning, after breakfast on the outside terrace, we walked in the lakeside park
under the welcome shade of the huge trees.
It was lovely to observe the beauty of the environment and flocks of birds
flying across the sky in their hundreds.
I was unable to identify the birds.
I was wondering if they could be Cormerants.

Here they are again
Flying very high above the mountain peaks.
Click on the photos to see things in more detail when enlarged.

The port of Morges and the beautiful Mont Blanc mountain.

The atmosphere on the lake changes constantly. 
This lighting makes me think of a watercolour painting.

The lakeside Dahlias are stunning and there are so many varieties and colours.

This bright pink one caught my eye as well.

Sunset over the Mont Blanc.
Such peace.

I have been making fewer blog entries lately, mostly because of our heat
which seems to make everything a huge effort!
I have decided however, to increase my blog entries and just make them shorter.
I know that it's often discouraging to wade through too many photos
and especially too many words!

It was so beautiful by the lake and we prolonged our stay by one night!

Now we are experiencing yet another heatwave and going out in the early mornings
is the only comfortable time of the day.


  1. Beautiful photo's Sandra. Very tranquil. Mont Blanc is stunning.

    We are suffering a heatwave too . . . in the early thirties for a few days. I do not like to wish my life away, but I am longing for a cooler day on Thursday!

    Meantime, I am making the most of not having the energy or inclination to go walking in the heat and have been more creative and have been reading more.

    Nice to hear you enjoyed a couple of nights away.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

    1. Many thanks, Sarn. It is a fabulous lakeside area to stay in! Yes, I saw that the South of England was getting hot temperatures too. Ours will culminate in storms later next week. I am looking forward to cooler days too! The best time for walking is very early mornings before 6 am if possible!

  2. It's hot over here too. If I didn't have a fan, I would be sweating like crazy. I think it's very hard to do things when it's hot, just a lazy nap would be nice.

    I always love seeing your photographs. These sunsets and sunrises are wonderful. I feel like using a lot of lovely adjectives when it comes your photos. I especially like the one that is like a watercolor painting because it really does make me think that way.

    Have a lovely day.

    1. I so agree with you, lissa. Without a fan, we would be very much more uncomfortable. I have one in every room now to use when I am inside and not outside on my balcony or going for early morning walks.

      I'm glad you enjoyed this series of lake photographs and joined me on my early morning walks before sunrise! The best part of each day in this heat!

  3. No been around in blog-land for a while (a day has but 24 hours after all) and missed your calm blog, its serene pictures and soothing colours!

    1. I'm so glad you popped in today, Marie-Lucienne! After all, even if we do our blogs for ourselves - as a sort of picture journal, it's so lovely to have a passing visitor who leaves a comment!
      During this period of heatwave, I've certainly been enjoying times down by the lake, especially before sunrise!

  4. My husband talks highly about Mont Blanc, but we need to return soon. St. Moritz is one of our favorite spots in the mountains. Thanks again for your lovely photos! Have a great weekend!

    1. There are so many beautiful mountains and lakes in the area. I think that one of my favourite mountain resorts is Zermatt, both in the summer and winter.
      Thank you for your visit and kind comments. The weekend is going to be very hot here!

  5. What a lovely refreshing break for you. The lake and mountain views are stunning, and the dahlias are too!

    Stay safe and cool, or as cool as you can. I hope your weather improves soon.

    1. It really was, Sue. Thank you! It's such a beautiful area.
      Some people just love this very hot weather, but i juat prefer it cooler. Around 22-24C is perfect for me!
      Thanks for your visit! It's so lovely to have people drop by and say hello!

  6. Gorgeous pictures from sunrise to sunset! I'm glad you were able to take this little trip and enjoy a couple of days away. Summertime with it's heat and humidity is a great time to slow down and relax wherever we can find a cool spot!

    1. Thank you, Cathy. It was ideal to get away during a slightly cooler period in-between two heatwaves! I shall be relieved when we'll have all this heat behind us!

  7. A beautiful blog post ! Gorgeous photos and nice to read your words as well. All the best,

    1. So lovely to have you visit, Lasse! Thank you for leaving a friendly comment!

  8. So lovely that you get out when the air is refreshing. Heat is hard on many of us.
    We have had hot weather also, but it cools at night, so it is a fresh start to each day. I had a huge pile of wood to split and stack. I would do that task for an hour in the cool of morning until it was completed. I could never have done that in the heat of the day. Your photos are lovely Sandra.

    1. Thank you, Tammie. I have been beating the heat by getting up and out really early before sunrise. Such a beautiful time of the day in the hot season! It has been hot at night too here, so you are lucky to have cooler nights!