Sunshine and Flowers

Our exceptionally warm temperatures for the season
and daily sunshine have brought us spring flowers
like these Crocus


and Winter Jasmine

The full moon got me out walking to capture a lovely sunset.

It shone brightly in my neighbourhood

A day's outing by the lake in the town of Morges.
The mountains were misty, but the water reflected the beautiful blue of the sky.

Other people were out enjoying the lovely weather.

Another day I took a boat over the lake to the town of Evian for the day.

I was amazed and thrilled to see the first cherry blossom of the year.
It is very early, but luckily this is ornamental cherry.
The fruit bearing trees need to remain in hibernation a while longer.

Leaving the French town of Evian and surrounding mountains
to return to the Swiss side of the lake where I live.

I have been enjoying spring flowers in pots for a few weeks now.
Like these orange primroses and ivy leaves.

Spring crochet is getting ready to decorate my home with fresh colours
and a new tiny owl scissor fob was made over the weekend.

I found the lovely pattern here:


  1. Even though it's much too early for spring, and even though winter hasn't been as rough as it normally is, I do not want the snow to return here for sure. Let's keep our fingers crossed though that this summer won't be as hot and dry as the last one. But apart from all that: Spring is a most lovely time of the year and I rejoice over each snowdrop, each crocus and each blossom I find in the garden!

    1. It is lovely to see all these flowers and blossom, but we know that the colder weather can return and surprise us all! We had quite a good cold winter which I like! Spring is indeed a most wonderful time of the year! I am not such a hot summer fan either!

  2. Oh, my! You really are having an unexpected and early Spring, Sandra! How delightful to see those beautiful blooms on your walks... Nothing will be blooming here until late March or even April. Lovely photos of the sunset and your crocheted owl is adorable-you always use such cheerful colors in your handwork :)

    Hope you have a lovely week ahead ♥

    1. Yes, this spring-like weather is unexpected so early, but I have been out and about a lot to enjoy it all. The wind and rain will surely appear at some point in time as March can be quite a moody month! I do love working with colour in my crochet projects. It makes me happy! Thank you for your visit and kind words, Carol!

  3. Super photo's Sandra. So fresh and alive . . . Spring has sprung!

    LOVE your owl scissor fob. How cute is that!

    I too, loved the recent full moon, but didn't manage to capture such wonderful shots of it (mind you, I was only using my phone!).

    Happy Tuesday to you.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

    1. Hi Sarn! Always so nice to see your cheerful arrival here! Well, it's a very early spring, I'm hoping we won't get blasts of cold air and lots of rain in March to compensate! The full moon was gorgeous, though I bet it was even more spectacular in the country or in the mountains! I hope you're having a really good week and that sunshine is also coming your way!

  4. It looks like spring in your neck of the woods! Such pretty spring colors. I hope your temperatures stay warm, for you and the flowers. The moon and the sunset are beautiful. The cherry blossom picture put a smile on my face. I am waiting patiently (ok, not so patiently) for our spring to come. :) Have a great day!

    1. Spring-like temperatures are very early this year and may not last. March is coming and can be a little ferocious! Thank you for your kind comments! I hope your spring comes soon!

  5. It looks like an early spring has arrived in Switzerland and it's a gorgeous spring! I love all the shades of blue in your lake scenes! So peaceful! Oh, that moon is breathtaking.
    Your little owl scissor fob is just so very cute! He's so bright and cheerful. Looking forward to seeing your new spring garland!

    1. This is our third week of spring like weather, Cathy. Though I see that the weather forecast is talking of cooler temperatures and rain! It had to happen as all this warmth and sunshine was about a month too early! At least I got out a lot and enjoyed it all!
      Glad you like the little owl! I have several pairs of scissors, so I may be making more fobs!

  6. Hi Sandra, as always your post is beautiful . . . I love tagging along on your outings and seeing that you're having an early spring, give me hope. We are buried in snow and it's very cold here. Your crochet work is so pretty and the colors are very cheerful. You do such lovely work, I'm very impressed.
    Thank you so much for all the emails and prayers. I appreciate your blogging friendship so much.
    Connie :)

    1. Dear Connie, So lovely to have you visit. Our spring was rather premature and is currently taking a backseat while March has its little fling!

  7. Hello Sandra,
    Beautiful photos !
    Here we had wonderful warm weather, like spring, I see it was also spring in Switzerland, crocus, snowdrops and the sunny lake !

  8. Thank you for your visit, Els. Yes we had a long period of sunny and warm spring-like weather, but it was a little early and now we are back to average seasonal temperatures with some rain expected. It is only just the month of March and much can happen before it warms up again!