Seeing this clock tower in the medieval town of Avignon, France
made me think of my relation to time.

Why do I feel a special heart-connection with this image?
Because it makes me wonder how I use my time.

Sometimes it would be tempting to wish time away 
and project oneself into an imagined future where our minds try to persuade us
that it might be a better place!
Why would I wish to be elsewhere than where I am?

Whatever I am doing now
can be done with consciousness
in a meaningful way:
the cleaning, the shopping, the cooking, washing-up. 
Doing my work.
Even waiting at a bus stop can take on new meaning
a new feeling of aliveness.

What time is it?
It's time to be content with whatever form this moment is taking.
Am I really here?
Am I wishing the preciousness of this moment away?

This moment,
the very best place to be at all times.
This moment,
the only one we can ever really experience.

When I live fully in the present, 
I am truly alive with awareness of every detail around me.
I am part of it
I feel at one with it.
I don't need to be somewhere else.
I am here!

What time is it for you?


  1. Beautiful essay on the importance of being truly present in our lives.Sandra. It totally resonates with me and my struggle to stay in the moment. Your image is a perfect pairing -- what a wonderful clock tower! A lovely photo-heart connection.

  2. Great reflection with your photo. It is funny how when we really think about it there is a story or moment behind every picture.

  3. I love your thoughts on time Sandra. I feel I often say to myself 'I wish it was Friday' or 'I wish this day would go quicker'. When really we should be doing what you suggest. We would get so much more out of life!
    Thanks for making me think :))

  4. What wonderful questions!
    It's an interesting way to look at the photograph.
    Happy PHC,

  5. "This moment is all there is." Be here now ... I get it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and pics. (Visiting from PHC)

  6. Sandra, this was a thoughtful and thought-provoking post. It's hard to be fully present in the moment, yet right now really is all we have. The clock tower is fascinating and your writing is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
    PS - I adore your header photo!

  7. I just love to come visit you! You always have the most wonderful thoughts! My OLW last year was "moment." Through the year I discovered the preciousness of every little moment! I try to live in the moment, not in the past or worried about the future! I don't know if there's sound coming from the clock tower, but I think I hear it!

  8. I do agree Sandra, I do ... but right now my Mum is having her cancer surgery so I can't help but wish today away.

    Gorgeous blue sky in that image :)

  9. We are so on the same wavelength about this. I love how you express this truth. I love the picture of the clock. I enjoy a beautiful clock but I don't wear a watch any more. It's so freeing...

  10. What a wonderful post, Sandra!
    Right now, for me, time is something I need more of, but this too shall pass, and I will go back to enjoying each moment as it happens.

    I hope you've had a great day!

  11. Sandra, excellent advise and beautifully written! I have to work at slowing down and enjoying the moment.....they do slip away otherwise. The ornate architecture of this clock tower is intriguing. Looking forward to more captures from your trip.
    Happy week to you,
    xo ~ A

  12. one might say you are IN the Moment literally.. oh how clean the air must be there... the brilliant blue sky was breathtaking for me.

  13. For me, it's time to work harder at living in the moment! Thought provoking and inspiring post! Like always!
    Kate :}

  14. A beautiful post to remind us to live in the moment! Have you read the book: The Untethered Soul?

  15. "It's time to be content..." Indeed it is! Looks like you were completely present as you explored Avignon. I like the detail you captured of the figures in their clock tower home.

  16. a lovely and inspiring post

    thank you for sharing your lovely heart and insight with us

  17. Beautiful reflections! It's so good for us to remember that we don't have to be the victims of time! I certainly know the feeling...I'm working on that too -- doing things with intention and attention to detail. Thanks for you kind PHC comments. : )

  18. This resonates with me, love how you have expressed my own feelings about this... Wonderful photo and beautiful photo-heart connection

  19. Beautiful shot - brings back memories of my own visit to Avignon a few years ago. Nice reflection on time, too.