My life, right now.

Summertime means reading on the balcony surrounded
by my flowers and sipping peppermint or lemon verbena tea.
Deliciousness in every way!

Creating things with my crochet hook and soft colourful yarns
is something I really enjoy.
The current project is a pastel-coloured mandala to brighten a dark corner in my home.

Photography has become my passion!
The more I practice, the more I learn...
and the more I learn, the more I want to leave my comfort zone
and tread the untrodden path.
The art of photography brings me into total awareness
of the now.

Breakfast outside, facing the trees in a nearby small park
hearing the birds sing
and savouring the moment!
Now that's what I call Living with a capital L!

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  1. These pictures are lovely with all the flowers, nice balcony Sandra.

    Greetings and i wish you a lovely weekend, Joop

  2. What a beautiful balcony! It must be such a nice relaxing place to read and craft!

    Have a great weekend,
    Kate :}

  3. wonderful story in pictures! love the colors of your yarn and the tea cup is just gorgeous!

  4. Sandra!!
    You look beautiful.
    Those pretty in blue.
    Your flowers are wonderful.
    And your photos are just fantastic.

  5. Great selfies, you're looking very relaxed.

  6. How lovely to be supping tea in the sun on your balcony.
    Great self portraits of yourself too.
    I also love photography - I don't know that I'm learning very much but I really love to take pictures.

  7. What fun -- I felt as if I were sitting across the table from you on your lovely balcony. Your selfies came out great -- you look terrific! I especially like the photographer shot. Photography is such a gift! Well done, Sandra!

  8. these are amazing and fun. i love how you captured all these different aspects of your life. great job!! thanks for linking up at {in the picture}.

  9. Your amazing photos tell a whole story, I love them very much. Love your text too. Photography has become my passion too and it also brings me into total awareness of the now.

  10. Lovely and so relaxing - I agree - it is Living with a capital L! Great selfies.

  11. What a pleasure to get to see you on your cheerful balcony all decorated with pastel flowers, a fun awning, pretty table settings, enjoying a book, a cup of tea, your crochet and your camera. Living the life of Sandra. :)

  12. These are so great! I immediately noticed all the blue in your photos - it's my favorite color! Such vibrant photos!

  13. That looks like a lovely breakfast on a cheerful veranda. I totally hear you about how photography slows the moment and brings it closer.

  14. Your summer looks WAY better than mine. Jealous. Love that last shot with your eyes looking straight at me. That's great.

  15. Your are wonderful at self-portraits! They are all so beautiful and you look so comfortable! I love your balcony and all those gorgeous flowers!

  16. What a goregous balcony and so much sunshine, love this post! x

  17. I LOVE these!
    It is always such a pleasure to visit you here.

  18. Fabulous selfies and love how you've captured all the things you're up to on that beautiful balcony of yours.

  19. I do agree your balcony is very special, looks beautiful, colourful and so inviting and the chocolate recipes very yummy indeed