August heart-connection

The orange and yellow nasturtiums in the window-box move very slightly
in the early-morning breeze, bringing their sweet fragrance
to where I am sitting.
As I move back and forth from the kitchen to the balcony
to prepare my table for breakfast,
I can smell the delicious plants in my herb garden
as the sun caresses their outstretched leaves:
mint, rosemary and thyme -
which I use all the year round and hang them up in bunches
 to dry for the winter months.

Why do I feel so connected to this simple, homely scene?
Well, I feel the peacefulness by just being here.
I like the airiness of it, the green I can see of the trees beyond,
and the connection I feel with my flowers and plants.

Most early mornings in August, before the heat comes up,
 I start the day with a walk.
The air is still fresh and I can step up my speed
 and feel the good it is doing to my whole body.
On the way home, I buy some bread from one of the local baker's.

I have to show you, just for the sheer golden crunchiness of it!
Ah! Continental bread!

Won't you join me for Sunday morning breakfast?
There is plenty of coffee in the pot for two and there is home-made strawberry jam
and 'Bonne Maman' bitter orange marmalade.
The butter is salty of course... it adds just a little something special
to that fresh crunchy bread!
I'm going to fill a little vase with flowers for the table like I always do
Ring the front door bell twice so I know it's you...
I love having company!

Joining Kat and others for the August Photo-Heart Connection here:


  1. I'd love to join you! Your writing is so deliciously descriptive :) I am such a morning person.

  2. Sandra Good morning!
    I fall for you a delicious breakfast.
    I can smell the scent of coffee and great pastries.
    Have a nice Sunday ...

  3. Goodmorning dear Sandra

    I love a nice and cozy Sunday morning breakfast,
    Sandra so here I come ...... I will ring the bell twice.

    Greetings, Joop

  4. Breakfast looking good! I love fresh bread! Love the blackberry on your header too!

  5. Ding-dong, ding-dong. Here I am at your door! Breakfast looks delish, thanks for the invite. I love smelling herbs too -- I go out to the yard in the morning and sniff the basil, rosemary, chocolate mint, and lavender. Ah, the simple pleasures. Your new header is beautiful!

  6. Well, it's a good thing I've got herb-cheese rolls in the oven right now or I'd be having serious bread envy. Actually I have serious bread envy anyway - we can't get bread like that without driving 40 miles. :)

    It all looks and sounds delicious.

  7. Humm, choosing between the orange marmalade, and the strawberry jam on the fresh bakery bread is quite a difficult choice to make, so early in the morning! With a fresh pot of coffee, and the fresh flower aroma, I will be right over, Sandra, ringing the doorbell twice. I shall bring Michigan Cherry Butter to share and add just one more sweet to the mix of spreads. Lovely photos, and the background nasturtiums are so pretty. LOVE the new raspberry header!!! Til soon!

  8. I love the fresh beauty of your images.

    1. Sherry here: Your comment box will not let me reply using my wordpress site. (Select profile is grayed out.) Not sure why...thanks for your visit and lovely comments.

  9. Oo-er, I'm craving a breakfast of crusty bread and salted butter now, and it's only an hour since I ate my very English porridge!

    Lovely photo of your balcony, who wouldn't feel connected :)

  10. Oh I'd love to have breakfast with you, it all looks so tasty and your balcony is lovely. Home made strawberry jam is always a favourite and as for that lovely bread - yum.
    Enjoy!!!! :))

  11. PS by the way I meant to say I love your header shot - that bramble looks really big and juicy :)

  12. Oh, Sandra, this is the most beautiful post! I feel the comfort and peacefulness in your photo! I would truly love to ring your doorbell and share a morning with you! Perfect Photo-Heart Connection!!

  13. Hi Sandra,
    Sounds like the good life to me! Enjoying your clean, richly colored images :)
    xo ~A

  14. Sandra! I would LOVE to join you for this wonderful breakfast, and the walk and this lovely peaceful scene!
    Mary x

  15. Sandra, this is truly beautiful. You write so well.. drew me in immediately.
    I really wish I could come over for a cuppa :)

  16. Well now, I have a lot of lovely visitors for breakfast, I'm just popping out to get some more of that crunchy bread and a fresh pot of coffee has been made! Joop has already arrived and he'll let you all in while I get the bread! Shall I bring some croissants too? I've a nice pot of homemade apricot jam ready to be opened. WELCOME!

  17. Such a lovely image and post. Count me in for the breakfast party! There's nothing like eating outside - especially breakfast - and your image is just so inviting. We lived in France for a bit and I really miss the morning trip to the bakery to get all that lovely bread. Definitely bring some croissants too - in fact don't worry, I'll pick those up! :)

  18. I would love to join you for breakfast. What a welcoming, in both images and words. I can feel your place, your day. Thank you for sharing in the Photo-Heart Connection! I hope that someday, I can physically join you for breakfast. Maybe for a walk in the morning and a discussion about photography too!

  19. Keep the coffee warm, I'm on my way!!!!
    What a beautiful post this is Sandra, and those photographs are so inviting.
    So nicely done.

  20. And how can I resist such a lovely invitation??? Beautiful images and words.

  21. I'll be right over! What delicious looking bread -- well, the whole spread looks lovely! : )

  22. Oh, those photos! And your words! They just couldn't be more inviting. How I wish I really could ring your bell and join you.

  23. Beautiful images...I love their "feel" and welcoming nature! Your words a wonderful as well!

  24. Count me in ;) Your breakfast sounds delicious. Indeed is the kind of breakfast I love. Amazing photo-heart connection. Images are beautiful and your text so inviting, thanks for sharing

  25. when you see this beautiful images you feel invited to sit and have breakfest with you, I like the colors in it. Thank you for sharing your words and photo's